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  1. Foreign language accents?

    by , 31st January 2010 at 07:26 AM
    Ok, I have no idea how to be able to type accented letters from my laptop, as like most normal laptops, it doesn't have a number pad. I have tried looking up how to do this, and nothing helps! I am using a Dell laptop and Windows 7, if that is relevant information.

    Anyone know what to do? I can't very well get my Spanish on like this. And no, I don't want to go to the character map and copy and paste every single time I want an accented letter. I have many of the alt key codes memorized, ...
  2. He is sexy

    by , 23rd January 2010 at 10:12 AM
    And his name is Sexisteel.

    Impish: 28/31/29/x/27/12 (no need for speed though) <3. That was my best spread in terms of a frame with a reasonable amount of journal flips.

    I love RNG abuse! I would also like to thank Free for answering some of my questions on that.

    Also, I drink vodka at 10 am because I don't have rum.
  3. RNG abuse - some questions

    by , 22nd January 2010 at 09:34 AM
    I know I'm totally late in the game as far as this goes, but I finally figured out how to abuse the RNG, and this was my first project.

    Bold: 31/x/31/29/31/30

    I'm really not sad about losing 2 points in special attack and 1 in speed. I figured I'd start off easy.

    I am wondering though... why is it that people often have to catch their Pokemon in the future? I got many, many results ...
  4. Censored Pokemon names?

    by , 10th January 2010 at 04:07 AM
    So, I had a shiny battle over wi-fi (a few actually) with =Dragonite= using shinies we caught back during the chaining days (damn you, RNG reporter, for making life easier but less interesting). I saved the video with the intention of actually recording it, and uploaded it to wi-fi just for the hell of it. I was watching it on wi-fi when I noticed all of a sudden, my Jolteon's name changed back to the default JOLTEON. I thought that was weird, and then I had to laugh... his actual name is Blitzkrieg. ...
  5. TCG

    by , 7th December 2009 at 04:50 PM
    So, for the first time in just over 10 years, I bought Pokemon cards. Because I obviously hate having money.

    The last thing I ever knew about TCG was uhh... the base set and Jungle set. Now I feel like an old person who can't adapt to new technology or something, because I have no idea what's going on and what I've missed in those 10 years!

    I never knew how to actually play the game, and still don't. I'd like to at least look into it, but I don't know anyone who plays. ...
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