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White Len


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by , 18th November 2009 at 10:14 PM (209 Views)
So I'm back from camp. It was terrible Nuff said.

Well, anyway, I was cleaning up some disk space and found my Dark Knight movie hidden in there. And I decided to watch it. It was boring for awhile, but then came a fight scene and HO-LY-CRAP! I was "How can they top THAT?" And they did. Every fight scene after the first one did better than the previous one. But then I had to leave to get a flu jab. (D=).

When I came back, I watched the rest of the movie. Harvey Dent's face scared me a little (understatement), Heath Ledger's acting was pure awesome. It was...well...DAMN! Crowning Moments of Heartwarming and Awesome were everywhere.

Oh, and I finished Fate/stay night's Unlimited Blade Works route. If anyone cares.

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