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Yep, as some of you from Serebii may know, today is the first ever AdvanceShipping Day!

Anyways, I announced on Serebii I have some major news, both on behalf of myself and the entirety of AdvanceShippimg Inc., my personal site (sorry about the guest ban, but I did it on account of security issues...). So, let's begin, shall we?

1 - As the founding admin, I am happy to say that ADV Inc. will be undergoing expansion into a new site. I won't give an expectancy date for quite a while, but what I do know is that we WILL be changing the home page.

2 - Also, on behalf of AdvanceShipping Inc., I have to announce that we are ready for major affiliation. If anyone has a site they'd wish for me to consider, please e-mail me the URL, site name, descriprion, and, if one is available, a banner, at jbstormburst@yahoo.com. I will then reply with an assessment and the site's banner for your Affiliates Section.

3 - This may be some bad news for some, but I am officially putting all my fanfiction on indefinite hiatus. However, I plan on becoming a permanant beta reader/co-writer, but instead of contacting me through FF.net's Beta Reader service, again, e-mail me.

4 - Finally, in addition to the above, I plan on one more twist with my fate on FF.net: I will become a promotional author by looking for those who want their fics to be out up on FF.net, or in rare cases, find fics that should be put up (ex: Scott85/Cybercubed's Two of a Kind). When I do come upon either case, I will explain the rules about what fanfiction I will put, and the copyright rules (and no, I'm not taking the rights. Unless I require edits such as spelling, grammar, formatting, etc., the fic will NOT be edited, and the original author will be recognized in the title), then help them on the way.

In order to do this, however, I decided to set up a contact list, in which all authors on it will report to me when someone contacts them with a story fitting either above criteria. I'll need time for people to join this endeavor, as I plan on specializing in multiple fandoms, but I am glad to announce that my compatriot, Rave the Rich, has joined me as my first Senior Contact. So, again, if you are interested in this idea, please e-mail me. Thank you, and that is all.


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