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Lil' Psycho.

My Experience with Fear

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Ok, so today I get on the bus thinking it will be a normal day. I was wrong. The major street that leads to my neighboorhood was blocked off by police tape. I thought it was just a gang fight. so when i get off the bus my street is blocked by police tape, including my house. Then when I get there my house has police cars with cops aiming at my next door neighboors house, which had been empty for years. I cross the tape trying to get home, then a cop yelled at me: "Get the hell out!" Cop.
"This is my house!" Me.
"Get in there quick then!" Other cop.
Up until then I had no clue they were aiming MACHINE guns at the house. So I go inside get my 8-year-old sibling and hide in the closet.
"Ding Dong"
The cop was there. He said we had to get out right behind him or we might get shot. We ran to my neighbors'. They took care of us until my dad could get around the other streets. When he got there we left to a Subway(restaurant) so we could get our heads out of the fear. When we got there the cops had caught them, all 30+ of them. I used to be afraid of roller coasters, now I know what fear is.

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Updated 8th August 2008 at 10:30 PM by Lil' Psycho. (Accidental posting when incomplete.)



  1. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    Holy shit D: *hugs*
  2. Ino-Chan's Avatar
    Machine guns? Dang, it's good that you are okay though.
  3. Lil' Psycho.'s Avatar
    It turned out they broke in through the back after they assaulted a person at the nearby school.
  4. DashingFox's Avatar
    Holy crap! I hope you're good now.


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