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  1. Animé ramble

    I must say I'm extremely excited about the upcoming episodes of Pokémon.
    I mean, Akagi actually appears, Aoi returns as well as Shirona. That alone is really awesome.

    However, when I also take a look at the new image for Pokémon on TV-Tokyo's website, I get even more excited. We see the Lake Trio and we see this puzzle Ginga-dan got and 'opened' almos 20-ish episodes ago. It definitely looks like they're building up to something massive.

    That being said, I ...
  2. Oh hey, first entry and it's PERSONAL?! Oh my!



    It's my birthday today and like the past many years I haven't bothered about it, except happily retrieving the birthday wishes online. Offline I'd rather be without, honestly.
    Anywho, my family sent me a birthday card where a 50,- DKK (Roughly $10) was enclosed. On the birthday card it was noted how I should use it "[...] to buy yourself something that's good for you and maybe a soda."

    Now a soda would be nice, but what ...