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My First BJ

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Thanks for the BJ Archaic! Don't tell kasumi!

/me runs

Well I've been sick lately, but its finally going away.. I can breathe today and I don't have a sore throat anymore. I work from 11-7 today, lame. I think i'm going to be sent to another location to work there today, which kinda means I should get a raise.. but meh. The person right above me is going into the army (good riddance) and i hope i get his job. Thatd be a hefty raise wooo.

I've really been wanting to get Season 4 of DBZ, but i always spend that money on golf, lol maybe on friday when i get paid.

oh that reminds me! I hate the State of Michigan now. I got a ticket a couple weeks ago, actually, more like a month ago.. I didn't have proof of insurance on me when i got pulled over, and i got a ticket for it. Now usually they write it as a waivable offense, but this time they didn't. SO i paid about 300 dollars for this ticket, kinda sucked but I got through. Well yesterday I got a letter from State of Michigan, telling me I have to pay a fucking 200 dollar Driver Responsibility Fee because i didn't have proof of insurance. WHAT THE FUCK, they are making me pay twice for the same ticket. Its fucking rediculous and unfair. so I'm now completely broke for a while. I'm def. moving out of state ASAP.

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