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Where's the Cyborg Love?

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I keep hearing all this crap about ninjas and pirates. Ninjas and pirates. Everyone seems to love either ninjas or pirates. What I want to know is: Where's the love for cyborgs? Sure, pirates can pillage and plunder and have ships. Sure, ninjas are stealthy and crafty and secretive. But cyborgs are half-machine and usually have some sort of enhanced ability along with some cool tech hanging off them. C'mon, what's cooler? Scurvy or a badass metal arm? Footy pajamas or a targeting eye? A sword or a big ass gun? Pirates are well and good. They have their uses when it comes to attacking ships. And, sure, ninjas are great if you want something done quietly. But, really, when you want wanton destruction, who do you call? Cyborgs, that's who. And who are your grandkids going to call on? Those same cyborgs (though, by that point, they may be more robot than human, but...what are you going to do?). Pirates die. Ninjas die. Cyborgs...are forever. Ninjas take training...cyborgs just take money.

Though, really, nothing trumps a pack of cyborg ninjas. And I think we can all agree on that.

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  1. Armads's Avatar
    Oh total yes. XD
  2. Nekusagi's Avatar
    How about cyborg ninja pirates? I think that's impossible to top.

    yarrrgh... beep.
  3. Silverwynde's Avatar
    I want to see cyborg ninja pirates on a giant transformable ship. That would be sweet.
  4. paperfairy's Avatar
    Silverwynde wins.


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