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Writing is haaaard.

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Especially when you have trouble understanding your own characters. Even if you know exactly what they would do given any particular situation. Or if you're trying to write from the perspective of someone you have nothing to compare against.

Still, I like how things have turned out with this so far.

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  1. Rediamond's Avatar
    What exactly is hard about it? Writing dialogue or narration? I haven't actually gotten around to reading your story yet, but I'm interested in what exactly inspired the post.
  2. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    Writing can be a challenge. As a writer myself, I have a few tips that might help. First off, have a notebook and pencil on hand, so you can jot down brainstorms and ideas. Or you can make a sub-document on Word or something similar. By jotting down ideas and details, you can compare them, tweak them, and finally mold them all together once you've decided what you want. I also have a tendency to "rehearse" my ideas, both mentally and vocally (both are done when I'm usually alone). That way, I can see if that idea will work or not, how the characters will speak in that situation, and inspire myself to jot it down later.

    Secondly, if using a real-life series as a backbone to your writings, researching can help. For example, I've been writing a Yugioh series, so I spend ample amounts of time searching up data such as various cards, characters, and even watching old episodes for inspiration. It'll be time-consuming, but it helps in the long-run, and it makes the ideas flow more easily. But even so, ad libbing is also useful, as sometimes using a more "creative" method can lead to more interesting results. One of my best examples is using the anime effect of Magical Hats instead of its real-life effect, which enabled the situation it was used for seem more interesting and creative.

    Thirdly, talk out some of your ideas with friends. Getting feedback can help you mold and shape your "world" more easily. You friends can give you a couple of ideas that you can consider, sometimes even meld them with yours to create a bold new idea that might work even better. You can only do so much on your own, so getting a bit of feedback can help the brainstorming process and give you new options to consider. You should still do most of the brainstorming, but asking for a bit of help can get the creativity juices flowing, as it can act like a domino effect: one idea will lead to another, and before you know it, bam, you've got your product.

    Hope this helps.
  3. System Error's Avatar
    @Rediamond; - You should totally get on that. :3 And as to what inspired this post...well, to state in nonspoilerific terms, having a romantic scene between two characters come across in the right way given their individual motivations and outlooks (such as how one of them really isn't considering the others' emotions). And given that they have completely opposite perspectives and experiences, and...yeah. Now that I think about it though, there is sort of an experience I can use to compare against, but it's a bit deficient...

    But it's posted now, and I think I managed to pull it off as best as possible.

    @CynthiaLover; - Thanks for the advice. In regards to your first...ummm...I kinda have so many sub-documents in Word(pad) that I find it hard to keep track of things sometimes. >_> Second applies because Pokemon, and I have no problems with that. If I run into a problem, I've already played around with canon enough. Third I do from time to time, and even sort of have already done that in the form of cameo characters. It would also help in regards to having them be able to act as a voice of experience, although to my knowledge, I'm the most knowledgable about the subject in question.


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