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Why am I so badass in dreams

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Hopping across rocks over lava (that somehow ended up in a fucking college), countertroll people because it's fun, and when an intruder enters my home I intimidate the fuck out of the guy, pin him against the wall, and whisper "get the fuck out" to him like a deranged rapist.

Now in real life, I am pretty agile, trolling is not very effective on me, and though I have yet to test the latter of them, there was that one time when I was like 14 and visiting the grandparents that I stayed behind in the car (playing my Pokemons) and when some guy opened the passenger door in presumably to steal it I gave him a deathglare (and he said he had the wrong car and proceeded to go to one like 6 spaces away - I was prepared to choke with the game link if things got ugly), so I presume that going a little further - especially to some terrified kid - wouldn't be too far out of the realm of possibility.

Also for some reason user @Musashi; made a cameo. Forgot how, but the name was there. Maybe I was just browsing Bulbagarden in the dream, I dunno.

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  1. Kree's Avatar
    I know this feeling.
  2. Pidgeot's Avatar
    Most of my dreams are nightmares. Like sometimes when school's closed for the summer, I'll dream about me going to school for whatever reason. And that's the scariest dream ever.
  3. ZMT123's Avatar
    Do you think the guy actually had the wrong car or do you think he had something else in mind?


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