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What the fuck, me.

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Am I seriously designing incorporating trigonometry into a fanfic?

A Gyarados misses a Hyper Beam on a 5-foot tall Cradily by 20 feet. when the Cradily ducks beneath it. Using this information, calculate the height at which the beam was fired if the Gyarados was horozontally 50 feet away from Cradily at the time.

What the hell. It's just too bad the fanfic awards don't have the "best use of mathematics" category.

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  1. 捷克羅姆's Avatar
    And I just noticed this now... Taking the ratio of Cradily's height to 20 feet, Gyarados's height can be calculated by multiplying the total distance (70 feet) to the ratio. The answer should be 17.5 feet.

    What gives. This problem doesn't involve sines, cosines, and tangent? :P


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