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werster has just gone insane.

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He accidentally picked the boy on a Crystal run, proceeded to get near-perfect stats on Totodile, and is begging for the run to end, but he keeps on doing well. His brother is in the room and chat and is somewhat disturbed. Naturally because werster's acting...somewhat insane and wanting the run to fail. He actually intentionally set himself up to fail against the Spearow in Falkner's gym by not healing enough, then survived the hit. One of his crazed quotes: "That blue bag is as ugly as my dick".

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  1. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    Why is accidently picking the boy such a bad thing? Does he despise Ethan/Gold or something?
  2. System Error's Avatar
    @Ranger Jack Walker; - He chooses the girl because "Because she's adorable :3". Also citing that since it's Crystal and she is the unique character for the name. Given his insanity, he may very well hate him. Also, my opinion not his - it's Gold. Ethan is a dumb name and reminds me of Tim Buckley. And insert the comparison image of GSC Gold vs. HGSS Ethan here.

    Strictly speaking, it's like 1-4 frames slower to pick the girl, but like who cares?


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