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Tabletopped for the first time today!

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A Pokemon tabletop to be specific, set in Ransei. So I figure hey, why not use this to keep track of it all, and maybe entertain a few people while I'm at it? I'll fill this in a bit more as time goes on, but for starters...


Also idly, loli/shota jokes were made in regards to Sayaka and Habiki.

- Legends of Ransei, Pre-Session 3: Ohana, Nobody Gets Left Behind -
While Nymphia is a recent nation, it has begun to make a name for itself with its sugar farms, sometimes called the Fields of Endless Sweets. Habiki Shiba had been conscripted by the royal palace, headed by Lady Oichi, to assist in pest control in the one of the sugar fields. While he had traveled in the past, this was a different story altogether. He had been given directions to the farm being plagued, the culprits merely (and thankfully) being a group of Swirlix. He was a little unconfident being on his own, but was quickly joined by his twin sister, who had snuck out of the house (exerting herself in the process) out of not wanting to be left behind again. Habiki had anticipated, or at least hoped for this, and provided his sister with an inhaler - as well as a Poke Ball, before engaging the five Swirlix.

Habiki quickly shook off his mild irritation at being the only one sent out to take on the group, and besides that was far more confident now that his sister was with him. The swarm notice the pair and quickly make their approach, with one - who appeared to be the leader, sticking back. The twins' Pokemon curled into defensive positions as the others approached, and the Spheal Todo - who had taken point - was struck with a Fairy Wind. It shrugged off the hit and returned fire with a Powder Snow at an underling.

Very shortly after, a mysterious swordswoman arrived on the scene, concerned that the two were outnumbered. She engaged the leader Swirlix, as Todo continued to blast cold air at its opponents. With two hits of one, Sayaka boldly stepped forth and captured one. Habiki watched carefully, but his sister was able to scurry away before she could get into trouble.

The three remaining Swirlix quickly gathered before Todo. One would get an A for effort in its Tackle, but F for still failing, as the curled-up seal easily absorbed its blow (1HP damage, prevents critical hits). Rin responded by Singing to them to slow two of them and put a third to sleep. As the two round Pokemon took on their foes, the swordswoman dragged off the leader to engage it with her Honedge, which flew off from her to flank the piece of cotton candy.

The Spheal took out two of the Swirlixes with Powder Snow, one on its own, and one together with Rin. This prompted the third to try and make a break for it, as the swordswoman took out the leader Habiki moved to block its escape as Todo fired at it. The former may not have been the wisest move, as it responded with a Tackle that knocked him back a few meters. Before he or Todo could respond though, Sayaka and her Pokemon ran up in a rage, the girl flailing wildly at it for daring to attack her brother. Much to her and Habiki's surprise, this sent it flying, knocking it out. Sayaka (and Habiki) was a little shocked at this, her only intending to scare it away. (Made for an amusing moment for us, too.)

With all the Swirlix dealt with, the woman introduced herself as Lia Sartre, of Spectra - who had transferred to Nymphia for the Conquest games. As Sayaka expressed a bit of frustration over the likely scenario of her not being able to participate, Habiki thought it over. It was something he had mused as well, and if his sister could go with him, it would definitely seal the deal. The two elaborate on the situation a bit to Lia, who was understanding and offered some words of encouragement. Lia offered to escort the two home, and thus, the trio set off.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    So what exactly is this game. A fan game, fanfic, what?
    Habiki is a 15-year-old boy living in Nymphia.
    For a second I thought you meant the Bulbagarden user.
  2. System Error's Avatar
    @Contrary; - It's...a tabletop. You know, like Dungeons and Dragons? It's also part RP, except with dice and gameplay and whatnot. It's using a system called Pokemon Tabletop United, to be exact.


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