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Summary of last night's LFT race:

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In great detail!

Quick battle in Yuguo: I poached a Revenant, as they give you Vanish Mantles now. I grabbed it at Dorter and continued on.

Doguola Pass: Chemist Ramza (for the next battle), Blue Dragon, Red Dragon, and...Rafa and Malak. They rule now. Toad Rod antics were about on the latter's part, and the former just went in with her better randomagic.

Bervenia Free City: Three Red Chocobos, Ramza w/Maintenance, Rafa. The two closer Reds hopped up and surrounded Mel; all three used Choco Meteor. The rest was up to Rafa; her randomagic doesn't hit allies, and I landed the 1/3 hits to get her to critical.

Finath River: I fought a Pig, two Reds, a Black, and two Yellows. The Pig sleeped Rafa, but the Red's Fire Breath and boths' Monster Skill Thunder Breath took care of everything, though Ramza had to heal a bit.

Church outside Zeltennia: Well, this one was quite different. Zalmo has MP Switch and 100 Brave now. But somehow, I loopholed it. I had two Red Chocos, Rafa, Malak, and Ramza. The humans all had Reflect Rings, because I knew there were casters here. I wanted to shove him off the roof with Archers (Ramza was an Archer), but I settled for this party. Good thing too; I was able to have the reds jump up and surround Zalmo before he could move. Then I could assault him with randomagic, but because Zalmo has 100 Faith, Malak was worthless. Ramza also couldn't move to a spot where he could hit Zalmo. But then something funky happened: MP Switch can only go off once, so Rafa triggered it, then tore through his HP.

Bed Desert: I hate Balk. I was VERY dumb here, forgetting numerous things in my setup many times. I decided to use the Vanish Mantle here for the hell of it, along with a generic Knight like 20 levels lower than the opponents, a Red Dragon, Rafa, and Malak. Rafa's job was to, with Sprint Shoes, heal Thief Ramza before his first turn, because the poison would end transparent. After that, Malak mostly took care of the workload. The Knight did some stuff, but eventually got taken out on the right side. This let me sneak Ramza over, swipe Balk's Blaze Gun, then Phoenix Down him. After this and with Balk crippled, Ramza, Malak, and the Dragon cleaned house.

Quick battle in Sweggy Woods: Just getting Malak JP for his awesome new ability...

South Wall: EXPLODING FROG! It adds Oil, Transparent, Reraise, Faith, and Frog at a 100% success rate, no cost, and range of 2. I used this to decimate the battlefield, but it still took many attempts. Ramza was a Chemist with Battle Skill, breaking the Mediators' weapons and Magic Breaking (now removes positive status) the victims to make life a little easier; also being on revival duty when Rafa or the two Blue Dragons ate it.

Bethla Sluice: This is what I got the Vanish Mantle for. The knights on the switches move if you have only one character. The only reason it took as long as it did was because they like to move right back on after the character is dead. I had to switch to another generic, this one with Dragon Spirit and Item, also equipping a Reflect Ring for the Wizards. One still could use 4th level spells, but it didn't matter on my winning run, as he had worst compatibility. Dragon Spirit ended up not mattering, as all the enemies cooperated and didn't hang around the switches (I originally switched to Samurai to try to Move in Water past, but it didn't help because they kept coming back).

Germinas Peak: TG Cid still very strong. The Ninja died instantly, and when the Chemists ran to help him, the Ninja just died again along with them. Ramza was a Thief with Vanish Mantle; in attempt to grind to get the Genji equipment. He snuck up on an enemy Bard and ganked him. Could've gone better towards the end, though. Red Dragon just could get near fast enough.

Poeskas Lake: Ugh. This went poorly. I winged it the whole way through, aside from killing the Revenants with the Red Dragon's Fire Breath. Enemies at least were taken out before any had a chance to revive.

Limberry Gates: After screwing up the equipment for a bit, it turned out to be a non-issue when Lede went towards the four. She quickly went down. No HP Restore trolling this time, mercifully.

Limberry Inside: Trying to steal the Genji stuff or even learn Ultima were bad ideas. So I just went without. PBF was Rafa, Red Dragon, and Malak along the left, Orlandu in the top right, Ramza in the bottom left. Elmdore ported on the Dragon's right and drew out. One Assassin Shadow Stitched Ramza, the other Ultimaed Rafa, Dragon, Malak, and Elmdore. Orlandu moved and Holy Explosioned Elmdore, Malak charged Heaven Bltback, Rafa charged Asura and moved beside Elmdore. The randomagic now was guaranteed to hit him, and it hit him a lot.

Zalera: Ugh. The only good Mel did was distract the Skeletons. This fucker has Speed Save. I surrounded him on the bridge on all runs, but the randomagic still could hit the space below (and usually, the Knights would advance and quickly kill Rafa and Malak after). I had to choose between Confuse 2 or Stop with 100% chance; and I had to go with the former. It came down to a confused Orlandu being the only one up besides useless Mel, fresh off killing Ramza the previous turn, and hitting Zalera with Split Punch to deal the final blow.

Dycedarg's Elder Brother & Adramelk: The former was hilarious; all the Knights had Sing and that's pretty much all I did. Mel proved she's useless, yet again. Then Adramelk, and oh my god. I went over it last night, but to go over it again: he uses a move that slows, undeads, and darks everyone. He heals off the Undead, then kills you with a 999 Night Sword, which of course heals him. You're supposed to block Slow with Elf Mantles, but I managed to partially surround him. This time, only having two panels open went well, and Rafa did her job beautifully.

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