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Pokemon Black2 Progress Part X: Where Am I Going?

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by , 10th October 2012 at 06:38 PM (10027 Views)
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Alternate title: Electric Death!!

So Drayden pulls me away after I beat his gym. After a quick heal, I go see him in the middle house, featuring an Axew as sole resident of the base floor, and three randoms up top. He paces. He prattles! He is confused as the house shakes and the music stops?

IT'S A RANDOM WARSHIP THAT HAS NEVER BEEN MENTIONED UP UNTIL THIS POINT?! I am promptly murdered by blasts of icicles that turn the city into the ninth circle of hell. Okay, I'm not, but it looks like I am. Drayden's Haxorus has made a miraculous recovery and proceeds to break down the ice. Or try to, anyway. It magically returns to its Poke Ball. No really, it's implied to be magic. And the fat guy is here! Dressed warmly for the occasion! He talks to us flanked by three, but then just leaves instead of using his magic to ensure we can't use Pokemon and capture us.

Plasmids are all around the ice skating rink, but they usually don't fight. I have to pick the fights myself. I can go to Route 9 where there's thugs, but for whatever cruel reason, the game designers made it so that you can't enter the mall. No, not even blocking it off; they just put in an impossible ice puzzle.

Virizion is still there. Just chillin'. Literally now. Also turning theory into theorum, they didn't touch Bridge City. It's evil after all! I don't know where to go next, but I do know that it'll probably be to confront those guys. Which means G-Cis Christ is comin' for me. Let's do a team check before we jump in.

- Samurott: Some Fighting Move/Focus Energy/Aqua Tail/X-Scissor
- Ampharos: Signal Beam/Confuse Ray/Thunder Wave/Discharge
- Steelix: Rock Slide/Iron Head/Dig/Stealth Rock
- Mandibuzz: Pluck/something/Tailwind/Faint Attack
- Gothitelle: Charge Beam/Psychic/Future Sight/Energy Ball

So we're missing two big things here. And unfortunately, it looks like they're opposites. Ice and Fire. I also don't have Poison, Dragon, or Ghost. Or Normal, but who gives a shit about that? Only Pokemon available that's a combo of either of those five is Chandelure. And lolchandelure. More importantly is how Dark pretty much covers Ghost anyways.

According to the map, I can get Crygonal the big fuckin' snowflake in a cave somewhere. How easily, I have no clue. For Fire, I may want to stay away from Volcarona. Because even though I have access to Fire Blast now, it's ultra weak to Rock. Meaning the jackasses with Rock and Ground will be dicks to me. Bleatdown is not a real Pokemon sadly, or it would be perfect. Virizion, again, might be cool. I have Grass and I have Fighting, but not dedicated Grass or Fighting. I have two users of Bug moves already, so Heracross isn't too smart.

Toxicroak being post-game really fucked me over here. But I find something. Something you might not have expected.


Wait, what? Well, four reasons. #1: Ice Punch. #2: Swords Dance. #3: Fighting Moves. #4: It's fast. All the rest of my Pokes are slow Pokes. I also get Steelix Ice Fang when I remember it can relearn it. And when I realize Fire isn't really needed for what's coming up. Of course, I have to fight with the game to get a decent one. It throws a hissy fit when I trade over a Sychronizing Munna. Long story short, Steelix massacred everything not named Zangoose. Final score: 2 Zangoose, 2 Levels. At least I get something.

So after checking every other place for where to go, I suddenly find fatty back in frozen city! It's a chance to test my new acquisition against his Cryogonals and Weavile. I receive...some pin...from Drayden after I beat him. And suddenly, NINJAS!!! I have to fight one of them. He uses two Pawniards and an Absol. He escapes and I have a four-way chat with myself, Cheren, Hugh, and Static after the match. Cheren shows up in the flesh, leaves, and I guess I'm going to take these bad boys down.

Virizion still chilling there without a care.

Bridge City still not chilled.

I don't know where to go. AGAIN. Hugh rings me when I go to Undella, so I assume I'm on the right track. And indeed. After wiping out the weak opposition (warming up Ampharos for the gym), I come to a cave. I need to fight my way in, beating some jackass with four Roggenrolas. Note to self: when you pay through the English version, get a Mold Breaker guy just to flip this bastard off. i.e. Pinsir. The cave is...surprisingly short. I go to a tropical beach after this. And beyond that, a town with pretty fucking bizarre music.

Gym's closed here, presumably due to AIDS, but Hugh is here. And a tunnel. With TM41 and a path. I get asked a question. No? I go forth anyways and find it's an underwater tunnel and shortcut to Umbrella Town. This is fucking bizarre. You sometimes see Wailords, and they built lamps on the outside for some reason and somehow.

Going north in the town reveals...the gym leader. That was easy? Also, shard guy #3. Featuring the likes of BIND AND ROLE PLAY!!! There's also girls wading in the water serving no purpose but to flip off those with 6 Pokemon none of which know Surf, and a trade of some kind.

For a chill place with lots of lilypads and this being a water gym, you'd expect there to be frogs in this gym. Especially to flip off a guy running amok with an electric type. And, in fact, there are exactly 0 of them amongst the underlings. Maybe their grand design plan is to make you waste all your PP before the gym leader. When I realize that, I swap to Gothitelle for the last one

Hey who's this guy again? He leads with a Carracosta. It only survives a Discharge because of Sturdy. It gets Paralyzed too, and leaderguy wastes a potion. A Wailord is next. It's dropped in one hit with Discharge. And finally, his trump card...MR. PRINGLES. So there's no Seismitoads or Ludicolos to be found in this gym. For his Water/Ghost imputence, it dies to a critical Discharge. The gym leader jumps into the water and commits suicide after the battle.

Hugh accousts me outside. Just guessing on the dialogue, but maybe wondering why I allegedly took so long? Yeah right. The gym leader is revealed to be back from the dead. 22 is brought up in the speech. So...I guess I'm going 22?


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    Actually, that's the same ship you went on at the PWT.
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    Oh my gosh, ZOMBIE GYM LEADER!


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