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Pokemon Black2 Progress Part VIII: HELLO MAYBE. THIS IS DOG.

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by , 9th October 2012 at 04:39 PM (382 Views)
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Alternate title: The First of Many Times I Get Lost

So here we are. Mah boi @Stellar Gale;'s favorite gym leader, and the craziest too. She pushes people off towers! She makes them perform circus stunts! She flies a plane 14 hours a day! She's an airhead! She's a propeller head! She has a magic appearing legbrace! SHE'S...SKYLA!!!!!! What madness will she have in store for us today???

How about...windstorms! In her pilot-filled gym, the objective is to take shelter behind walls and boxes so you don't get blasted off ledges or violently thrown into walls. And oh yes, there is no room for walkaholics. There's one part where you won't make it even if you run, so you have to get wallfudged. The good news is, the gym itself is quite lame. There's some Sluggy the Unfezants to deal with, but really. Selection is surprisingly dull, and I swear it was more varied before in Black and White. And I mean, Gligar's in the Nudex. I didn't find any of those, so Amphymania runs wild on them. I like that shorthand word the pede uses, by the way. Nudex.

So she just maybe, and this is number, but here's her met you, call her crazy...Steelix starts off with Stealth Rock. Swoobat gets assaulted with Rock Slide before I decide to swap to Ampharos. You know, to try to make sure the game uses Pokemon in the CORRECT order. After a few annoying Heart Stamps (although I love that Static), I remember that I forgot who I was dealing with here. That's right, the crazy chick sends out the 4x weak Swanna to deal with me! And use...AQUA RING TO DIE MISERABLY. Skarmory of all things is last. Amphy parafuses the hell out of her. Confusion damage + two Thunderpunches is enough to KO. I don't know which gym was easier, Elesa's or Skyla's. Probably Skyla's. And they fired the Striaton Guys over her?

By the way, I liked this little detail on the next route. Remember how in B&W, there's a Hiker who wants you to trade him a Boldore for an Emolga? Well, in B2W2, there's that same Hiker who wants you to trade him an Emolga for a Gigalith. Nice touch. Wonder if you Memory Link having traded with him, it'll be your old game's Boldore.

Juniper's in the tower. She gives me something and leaves. I go up. Half the stuff here is dead, so I feed them to the vulture. Who also feasts on half the rest. Ringing the bell at the top doesn't seem to have any effect. The only reward for going up there is a hidden item. In fact, I think the Ghostbusters must've combed through here, because the encounter rate was ridiculously low. I mean, like ridiculously low. I only had three encounters on the way up, and two on the way down. All Litwick. i.e. all not of interest.

I get shown the deities of earth, wind, and....lightning in the house. Passed that I get a call from mother, fight a Zangoose and Seviper team, and stuffs.

Fat muscular Elite 4 doesn't want to let me through to the mountain. So now I don't know where to go. So I check around. Back home I find a TM by using Surf, but that's it. At the airport, I find what I'm looking for. I'm guessing there's a panic? Oh well. I get to go in a plane. I end up in what I'm presuming is the Arizona desert, somehow. SOUND ONLY calls me again. Who the fuck is he? Katakana page says Ruri. He's called me more than anyone else in the game put together at this point. So with his name in mind...Luigi?

My next Shard tutor is here, and it's blue, blue. Nothing I want is there. Boo.

The next dungeon is the haunted mansion. This is cool. There's an acceptable amount of random encounters here to make it neat and not lame. Ampharos learns Discharge here. I follow around a ghost and eventually get a feather of some kind for my efforts.

So I don't get to go on Twist Mountain, but I do get to go on...a place with bizarre music involving steel drums. Also there's just as many Boldores. Fuck Boldores. When I play through the English version, I'm fucking using something with Mold Breaker if I can. And that Pokemon's name? Well, it has to be Pinsir or Haxorus, and since the latter is so conformist I guess a roster member on my White2 team will be Pinsir. In the meantime, I spam Repels. Bianca is in the second room of this cave, and I get to team up with her! Same deal as in the sewers. Double battles, that weird trainer battle Poke Ball effect, and no one wants to pick a fight with your partner.

Unless it's together. This time, they do have the double battles. Bianca has a Musharna that never ever fucking dies and massacres everything in the cave. It only went down once because I was curious and dicked around a lot not really helping at all. Her second is that kitsune fighter guy. Much less durable and powerful. If she has a third, I don't know what it is. So I explore around and find that she'll follow me out onto the cliffs, but not outside into Umbrella Town. What she will do, however, is look at an empty hole and ponder. With no place to go in here, I say ta-ta to B-Girl. Too bad, so sad.

Next time, things get fucked.


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    Wonder if you Memory Link having traded with him, it'll be your old game's Boldore.
    This is the stuff it SHOULD'VE been used. If you go and make the same guy do stuff with continuity, you make it work with the damn feature. Seriously, how half-assed could they be with that feature.

    I mean, how hard can it be to make it a different Pokemon with same ID, OT and IV/EV/Nature/Level/Whatevertheelse.


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