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Pokemon Black2 Progress Part VII: Bug-itude?

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Alternate title: Teammaking Sucks 102

I went south to the PWT, previously blocked by a secret service agent. I enter a tournament. Everything is Level 25...except my Pokemon. I don't think that was supposed to happen. Round 1 is vs. rivalbro, but he doesn't last long against Ampharos. Not even his firemonkey, which he somehow got and evolved really quickly? Then it's a rematch with Cheren. Stoutland, Watchog, and Cincinno. Yeah, I think it is bugged because of that first one. Then I fight Akuroma set to disco lights. Onix takes care of Magneton and Klink, and when an Elegym or whatever decides to dick me, Ampharos finishes, no prob. For it, I get 1BP, a random Homika appearance, and...nothing more.

The plot keeps getting weirder to someone who has no idea what's happening. I leave, Cheren and Hugh follow. Cheren says something, a bondage freak runs by, Hugh freaks, and Akuroma comes out. Hugh runs off in the direction of the bondage freak, Cheren soon follows, Akuroma talks to me and stays.

But forget them. Let's check out that cave! In it, I find...a whole lot of stuff I repelled away. And Strength boulders. It looks like this is the other end of where I caught Onix before. To solve the Strength thing, I check around and catch a Raticate. It can learn Cut! It can learn Strength! It's all good!

But before I do that, hey a day has passed may as well go catch Mandibuzz. Because why the hell not? I want a Dark, and I want a Flying. This solves both my problems! And well, I forget what Darks are in Newnova and can't look it up at writing because no internet, but I know Weavile is in. Which WOULD help. And that's pretty much it, I think. Krookodile is out because of Onix/Steelix, as is Bisharp which I don't want to use again anyway. Absol is just pure Dark which is boring, Liepard is the same except with added shititude. I forget the rest, except that Houndoom is not in it. So Mandibuzz it is? I forgot it has stupid Weak Armor as an ability though. But I get a decent one, I think.

Also, man. The stat raised/lowered animations take SOOOOO long when you get Fury Swiped. Just another reason to hate Liepard, I guess.

The cops are in the small stadium today, so I can only beat up the baseball players. I do so, and head back to the cave. On the one place I didn't explore is...Relic Castle? There's exploding Baltoys and a Volcarona that has nothing in the way of moves. Weak.

So FINALLY, I go onto the ship. They've been waiting for me for like, forever, and that allows like a dozen Plasmids to come in and surround us. No I'm not exaggerating. Cheren takes five of them, Hugh takes five of them, I get stuck with two losers with a Koffing and a Grimer. I do have to step in after that though. Verifying my theory, Cheren's Stoutland is Level 32! It spams Strength, and the two teams of two don't last very long. Then I need to help Hugh, who's suddenly having problems. Because this is an evil team, we face a bunch of Poisons and such that eat his Servine alive. Firemonkey IDUNNO almost eats it too. Needless to say, they're pissed after that, and part ways to reveal...ANOTHER FAT GUY.

Lucky for him, he knows our weakness: suddenly, NINJAS. The three of us in their clutches, they proceed to...place us back on the docks.


So then I go to the next route, which has some Parasol Ladies with Castforms. Unfortunately, October is Summer. And Groudon has exclusive rights to sunny weather in Pokemonland. So no auto-transformations for them! Then Cheren shows up and gives me HM03 in Deerlingsville for whatever reason. Even more randomly, Cobalion shows up, flips me off, and leaves. The good fat guy and some other random dude show up and don't really do much.

I'm on the fence about exploring, but decide to go for it. Most of the fun comes in the Sewers of Castelia, where I find a whole lot of neat stuff. There's...surprisingly very little else. Only other thing of note is Marills in that PWT cave. +1!

Chargestone is up next, and ohh man. Bianca is here and doesn't seem to do much. It's mostly standard fare for dealing with the wilds. That is, catch the four of them, then use Repels. Some of the battles decide to be douches, particularly a Triple and a Rotational. On the bright side...in a way, Dewott evolves here. The good news? More stats! The bad news? It looks ugly. Like some Ikkakumon motherfucker. Oh well. More good news though: I find a Metal Coat. So I'm free to evolve Onix. Which is good, because it felt like it was starting to lag behind.

But seriously. Some of those battles. I can't believe the ways the game tried to dick me. Burned three times in a row, confusion, and so on. When I finally reach the other end, I find that Missiletron City is smaller than I remember. I swear there was more of a lead-up instead of it dropping you right in front of the Pokemon Center.

Juniper's in the house. Skyla's in the house, And apparently at some point a Master Ball is slipped into my inventory? The fuck?

By the way. It's here that I find out that they still don't have foreign dex entries for BW Pokemon. I find this out after I go to evolve Onix with a quick switch from my White version. I trade over an Eevee, and suddenly it has an English entry! My friend traded me over a Solosis a couple weeks back, and suddenly no English entry!

Well that kills some of my motivation. Only slightly.


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  1. Baron Dante's Avatar
    Oh yeah you can get Volcarona after 5th Gym here. (Or even before?) That's not gonna make a Bug-only run hard with Gene Hunt on the loose from the start.


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