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Pokemon Black2 Progress Part VI: Team Expansion? How about....TeamWORK!!!

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Alternate title: Team-Making Sucks 101

All right. So next Route is Route 5. Where...Bianca gives me another thing I have no idea about. Then she asks me yes or no. Yes? I follow her to a secluded area? She is so confused, then suddenly opens a clearing up?! HOT MAN!!!

Oh wait, it's just a Mincinno. She leaves me alone with it (who just sort of stands there) and I catch it, whatever.

At this point, I figure that grasses are really starting to be pains in my ass. So I go look for something that can stomp it in! After briefly failing miserably with a Gothic Lolita, I go...AND FIND RITA REPULSA. Complete with that headthing and minions, I enslave her and she joins up. Then it turns out she sucks at fighting American Footballers and no bug/flying moves = no fun. So I get to a group of people who are talking with numbers. Then some biker throws down with me, Rotational Style. IT IS NOT A GIMMICK GOD DAMN IT lololol. After stomping him, I go to Driftveil. And I guess because they didn't have enough skyscrapers before, they put in a bunch here.

Immediately, I run into a bondage guy fighting a knight. Then comes in Hugh, who proceeds to punch the shit out of the former like a boss. He leaves, Hugh leaves, knight talks to me and leaves, and I can explore the city. Where I find the Market (Incense and Milk), and the red move tutor. Who I have no idea what he teaches me right now, because I am writing this part without any internet access and therefore cannot check. And I have 14 Red Shards somehow, boo. But I found a way anyway, and say HEY!!! Signal Beam, kickass! Who needs Vespiquen anymore? I also found that I got a Dig TM somewhere, so I give it to Onix. Then there's Iron Head which I can also teach it. But hm. Steel is good on Rock and Ice last I checked. Rock is good on Ice too, and Ground is good on Rock. So really, what's the point of teaching that move? So soon, at least.

Also, I think I was supppsed to get a Mandibuzz. And totally forgot. But hey, it's Wednesday as I write this. Again, all this is retroactive and already happened.

Going north reveals a closed gym, a closed mining facility, and a fat guy. One of the Sages. So I guess their arrest wasn't canon. Suck it Looker, you worthless character. He uses a Herdier first. I brainfart and Dewott almost eats it, but it takes it down. A Swoobat is next. I switch to Ampharos, take an Air Slash, and use Thunderpunch. I get invited inside after my victory. Hugh comes out of nowhere and joins. There's a Galvantula, a Scraggy, a Zorua, and Herdier. Also a Hiker and two Plasma Knights. Hugh freaks out over something, storms off, and I get asked a question. Yes? The Zorua joins my party. Cool, I guess.

The gym is now open. But wait. This probably won't end too well with just a Dewott. Can I get anything else? Well, Grass and Ice work. But what Ice? What relevant Grass? Well, I haven't even decided on a full team yet. Toxicroak is still looming, probably forever. Mandibuzz I was on the fence for to begin with. And do I really wanna wait until tomorrow? I got nothing to do today!

A preliminary attempt reveals two things. One, the gym is full of Sandiles and Baltoys and Drilburs. So Mandibuzz might not be such a bad idea? If I wanted, that is. Two, the first two guys Clay uses are total chumps. I can dance around Krokorok and even Signal Beam it with Ampharos, Sandslash can't last too long. The only problem, as expected, is Excadrill. Razor Shell is two hits against it, maybe not factoring in a Sitrus Berry, but so is Rock Slide. And it's faster than Dewott. Onix might be able to sneak in a Dig which may or may not help, though. The only benefit Mandibuzz would bring is maybe Embargo.

But screw that noise. After going through the conveyor stuff of the gym again after verifying I do not, in fact, want Mandibuzz, it's time to shake it down for reals. Ampharos is out first. For whatever reason, he uses Torment on it. It proceeds to get Criti-killed by Signal Beam. Sandslash doesn't fare much better. It uses that move with red claws that lowers Defense, I think. Doing minimal damage and Staticing itself. I had to Parafuse with Confuse Ray because of Torment, but if it wasn't there, I would've beat it too. Still, wore it down hilariously effectively. By the time Ampharos got got, Sandslash had a sliver of health left with no potion available. Excadrill went off weird. It flinched Onix with Rock Slide and tried to KO with Metal Claw, but it wasn't enough. Dig was a critical, set off the Sitrus Berry, and avoided the Potion. Razor Shell would've been enough even without the critical anyway, so that just guaranteed my victory.

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