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Pokemon Black2 Progress Part V: South Side Up In Here

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by , 7th October 2012 at 06:18 PM (283 Views)
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Alternate title: You're Grounded, Bitch

So in Fourside, I catch some stuff, fight some people go back, then return and find out some bitch with a Drilbur and Marill wants to fight again?! Then Akuroma uses his magic powers to turn some cardboard boxes into Crustles. He also has this crazy overworld pose where he thinks and points. What can he bring? Magnemite and Klink! The former has Super Effective which it can use on Onix? What? And all Onix has is Brick Break. So it goes down at Klink and Flaaffy has to pick up the pace.

The bitch wants to fight again after I check out that you can enter the houses? Who the fuck does she think she is? Anyway in a house at a fork, Dewott's cry plays and then get asked a question. Um...fuck, it's not yes and no and I can't cancel out. Let's see. The first one is apparently Mokoko, which means god-knows what. The second is Rock Cable. Or Iwaku, which means (to say, to reason, pretext, history, past, story). And then there's Futachimaru, which I also have no idea what it means. So I go with the only one I know what it means. And I guess she becomes excited? After messing around some more, I discern its a quiz on the cries in your party. The first is Flaaffy, the second is Onix, the third is Dewott. I answer correctly this time, and get...I dunno what I got.

So then another break, and I go off to the ruins where I catch a lot of stuff. Except Trapinch. And mostly find out that Sigilyphs are being double dicks to Onix or Flaaffy or something. Hey, it's a good thing there's a doctor in the house! By which I mean not a house at all. After cleaning it out, I leave and find a weird sight - a bunch of thugs, and a kid running around near them. What the hell? More stuff, and I finally move onto Nimbasa.

There, after doing a heal, I find...MINNIE MOUSE CONFRONTING THE SUBWAY BOSSES. The number 2 is thrown around. She asks me if I'm down for stomping them in, and I'm like hey why not? Her Pignite pretty much destroys Boldore, and GURRRRRRRRDURRRRRRRRRR doesn't last much longer.

There's one house I can't enter for some reason. I use Flaaffy and Dewott to clean out the stadiums (which decide to be jerks), as well as have a battle with the sweaty girl boy. I also pick up a Poke Gear or something. I get a couple calls on it: right after picking it up from VOICE ONLY, and when I'm going to Route 16, also from VOICE ONLY. Speaking of which, after breaking stuff open there, I go and find the fabled TM95! Is it a super secret? Hells no! I just get handed to it by some guy Zoroark. Also I find that the lawnmower person at the front likes picking fights over and over and over again. Which makes him or her a double dickback.

Onto the gym...which is surprisingly devoid of gym music? For whatever reason, this isn't the gym, but I have to go there and beat up some rich kids who do use electrics. Then someone who looks like they could be a Metal Gear Solid boss hands me...something. I can at that point go into the gym proper.

Of course, they were doomed from the start. For two reasons! #1: Onix. #2: None of them have Chinchou or Lanturn. A few used Assurance or something, I believe. I was a little cautious here, while fighting those MGS bosses in this dance club with encounter music that literally asked me if I was ready. In English! None of their stuff could do anything, but I was still cautious with Rock Smash because of Static. Onix didn't have a Ground move, but they couldn't do jack to me pretty much. So it was just a matter of chipping away.

AT EVERYTHING. The only problem could've been the big woman's Flaaffy's Confuse Ray (who now has a massive big screen dedicated to her), but it never used it. Also she throws off her robe?! So after she goes down like the whore she is, the big screen changes to me. I get to do the walk of fame as I leave, go heal at the Pokemon Center, and see rivalguy about to face off with four bondage peeps.

So we decide to take one at a time. No problem. Okay. More of a problem than vs. Elesa, but still no real problem.

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