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Pokemon Black2 Progress Part II: DEE. OH. GEE. AH. ARR. ESS. What the?

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by , 1st July 2012 at 10:20 PM (379 Views)
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Alternate title: Team Choice Limitation 101

As I'm leaving Alder's place, Bianca approaches and starts asking questions. I don't know what. Yes? Yes? No? The last one makes her freak out and leave. What did I do?

Progress through the latter half of Route 20 goes fine. But what the hell is up with Cheren's theme, now? It sounds...EVIL. And maybe that's just what he is supposed to be: evil. Beating down all the trainers is a breeze, however. I have a minor hiccup against the twins, but no big deal at all.

Virbank City, where I see Homika (Roxie is a dumb name; also too much like Roxanne) in conversation with someone over something. I explore around town after that, and eventually go south to make some captures and stuff. However, of particular interest, or rather, what never came up was Growlithe. Not that I was planning on using it...but hey, change of plans happened with Stunfisk, right? Anyway, I was thinking about Homika's Whirlipede and how to deal with it. Then I thought Fire types, and apparently, Growlithe is the only one for a while? I'll be waiting until Twist for Megaman X Boss Heatmor, Ninetales is apparently retardedly late, Chandelure is still ugly, Magby is ugly, and Volcarona? Ehh...kind of learns its acceptable moves really late. So like 20-30 encounters later...I have still found no Growlithe and decide to go to the conclusion that whoever said it was there put too much fecal matter down their own throat. So no Growlithe, and I just move onto the south with Flaaffy at the helm.

The industrial depot goes fine. I pick up Charge through leveling here, as I thought it would be useful. And hey, turns out it kinda is. Charged Thundershock ain't half-bad power-wise, and at its finest it raises your Sp.Def and still lets you KO in the same amount of turns. So I talk to some guys, mostly bump into Magnemites because Static is a stupid passive, fight some dudes and one dudette, and then I get TM94. Also a Thief TM, but who gives a shit now that you just return the items at the end?

So enter Homika's shady-looking gym with its crazy-ass music. I didn't realize it's actually was a remix of the gym theme at first! Too focused on those insane lyrics. I try to take on the drummer, but keep getting Poison Gassed (item use? lol), so I go out and beat up a couple Audino to see if Flaaffy would be able to OHKO with Charge Thundershock at Level 19. Turns out no when it starts using Poison Gas first, but I get eventually get lucky anyway. The guitarist isn't a problem either. Then Homika flips and I have to battle her. I must say, that made for a badass transition into the Gym Battle music.

So it's D-O-G-A-R-S-COME ON!!! first. It tries Tackle as I Charge?! Thundershock then brings it down in a single shot, and out comes another pretty lame signature Poke, but hey, better than Lillipup or a Monkey. This is funny. It Protects the first turn, then gets hit with Critical Thundershock. I don't really anticipate it going into a Protect-Attack-Protect-Attack pattern; if I did, I would've charged on those off turns. But hey, it doesn't matter, as that attack brought it down to enough HP so that the next move did it in.

So then for whatever reason, I get invited to Pokewood baby, because a Hollywood reference is way cooler than a Tristar Studios reference. There's lots of talking, and walking. And suddenly, I'm watching a movie. This guy is there, and suddenly, THE MOTHERFUCKING BRYCENMAN APPEARS. He sends out a Pawniard, and promptly gets rocked by the guy's Riolu. They exchange words, and then out comes a Vullaby. The crowd is like "wtf" as Vullaby proceeds to kick its ass, and Brycenman claims victory.


Holy crap, even more walking and talking after this, and I guess now I have to take up that role because the other guy sucked? Talking to people around the place reveals a complete acid trip as random English terms and acronyms are around. I expect to go in using my own Pokemon, so I put Oshawott at the head (also why I didn't evolve it!), but nope, I suppose I'm using Riolu. I'm just fighting ordinary Brycen here, but the same team. I beat the hell out of the Pawniard, and then, oh my god, I have to have dialogue? Uh, what the hell am I going to even say?! What are my options?! And wait a sec - Brycen seriously wears his mask all the time?

Well, according to Google Translate, the first line is saying But No Place...preceeded by some Kanji I have no fucking idea what it is. Meanwhile, the second line says Fire! Followed by more Kanji, and then This? Er...Fire! Take This?

I pick the first, because why not? Vullaby comes out. Then I use Riolu's second move, which I guess is Ice Punch, because then Vullaby is rendered dead as shit. That does it, and I get asked a question...I suppose it was if I wanted to save, because then I get offered to save when I say Yes. COULD SOMETHING DANGEROUS BE COMING UP???But then nothing happens? I go watch the movie, and they like it, I guess. Then some Backpacker gives me something in the lobby. Director Guy appears, says something, then walks by me and vanishes. And I guess we're abruptly done here.

So moving on...I see Homika, rival dude, and bondage guys in a Mexican Standoff, no doubt just chilling there the whole time while I was fucking about in Pokewood. Team Aqua wannabes? One of them asks me a question. No? Nothing happens. Yes? Oh, it's Team Plasma. Damn, the first few seconds of their new theme is rockin'. Wow though, wasn't expecting them to kill the shit out of Oshawott. Homika freaks out like DPP rival, stops, turns around, gives me HM01, and resumes freaking out.

...okay. Well, I've only seen one tree that needs Cut, so I guess I'm headed there next.


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  1. Baron Dante's Avatar
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    Yeah, go ahead and add me to the list.

    I like reading this, because it's literally looking at my own thoughts of everything when I ran through this.
  2. Kars's Avatar
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    Ill get added this is interesting

    Its cool to see you kicking ass well not knowing the fuck is happening.
  3. Synthesis's Avatar
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    When I hear Roxie I just think of Nosepass.


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