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Pokemon Black2 Progress Part I: Where I learn nothing about the Japanese Language

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Alternate title: So a Sheep and an Otter walk into a school...
See also: Black playthrough

So with Black2 in my possession, it's time to fulfill the entire point of that and start this bitch up! So one thing on the title: I actually tried. There's this (in)famous guy by the name of iGenesis over on GameFAQs and its spinoffs who played through Pokemon Advance, claiming to individually translate every bit of Japanese with a dictionary. Got quite a bit of flak for his perceived patheticness. But anyways, I tried that myself. Got as far as understanding that the second word on the file select means "to begin" and your mother apparently says she is home, before saying "fuck that". I don't get the logic in any of these characters at all. Especially the ones that look like smiley faces in kata but are completely unrelated.

But there is one thing I do. I don't like how lack of nicknames changes foreign language Pokes and stuff, so I decide to for the first time in ages nickname my Pokemon? What in the fuck have you gotten yourself into, Sys? Anyway, this time around, for this run, I begin with Oshawott himself. The badass adorable shell-wielding ninja who evolves into a less adorable but even more badass shell-wielding ninja who evolves into a big thing with lances. It gets named...something that means Shell, I guess? I try to get one that's decent enough stat-wise. I think I do so.

So Rival battle, who has some very weird theme that's better than that of the previous game and of RSE (if the latter can even be considered a rival), but worse than the rest. Um, actually, I cut it close here. Don't know how, but not that it would've matter. Except one level, which I guess with the previous game means that the starter's base EXP gain thing was increased?

Next route. I heard your first encounter is supposed to be a fixed Shiny Patrat! I was disappointed when it was just an ordinary Purrloin. Boo. But I caught it, and a Patrat. No shinies to be had here.

And then...wait, Alder already? Man. Yeah yeah, I know what happens dicks, but still, wow. He says...something...after jumping...off a cliff. Why was he even up there, anyway? Then he takes me to his place, says more stuff, then start yammering on about 20 something. Route 20? Hey, at least I can discern numbers and stuff! At the Pokemon Center, I pick up my customary 10 Poke Balls I get when I start (so now I have 18 plus a Premier), and a few Potions. Route 20 goes fine. I was worried about the Sunkerns, though, which is probably the only time that's ever going to be said in the history of man. Luckily, they sucked too much to hurt Oshawott. I caught some stuff here which I completely forget the nicknames of. And names of, too. Beardface Dog, Leafworm, Sunkern, and bird guy whose evo looks ugly.

Then I go to the farm, walk right into the rival battle, and have to reset up against a Level 8 Snivy. Actually, probably could've Potionstalled, but fuck that. Luckily, I didn't lose much progress.

Now here is where I got thinking. I didn't want to mess around with trading and shit once more, and while I do like not using too many Pokes too soon, I thought it wasn't a good idea to use just one. Even if I could grind and/or Potionstall easily. So I looked at my options. Not a Riolu/Lucario fan (with apologies to @Hallowheart;), and I want to go Toxicroak or something for Fighting anyway. The show ruined Leavanny forever for me, but not as much as Sunflora ruined itself. Now Electric...I don't like my electrics slow, but everything besides the one is either version exclusive to White, I've used in a semi-recent playthrough, probably comes too late, or is named Jolteon or Emolga. And yeah, when you're considering fucking Emolga, you know it's time to quit. I used Pachirisu when playing through Diamond; I got nothing to gain by using another Pikachu clone when there's other options available! And it seems it now learns Confuse Ray anyway which is cool, so...Mareep it is! I again tried to get a good one. Took me even more of a while, but something whose name means Bright got welcomed to the team.

Rival again, who is probably trying to challenge Cheren for most matches within the first hour. No problems here, Mareep Thunderwaves then takes care of it with some Tackles. The same can be said against most of the rest of the route, after two people randomly show up and give us some stuff - Paralyze Heals, I think? I guess for the Mareeps, although two isn't nearly enough, and I run whenever one shows up anyway. Against the trainer with one, I just switch to Oshawott so I don't get Staticked, though I get Thunder Waved anyway, so it doesn't matter.

I see some chick in bondage at the end?! She asks me a question. I say yes, and she gives me a Poke Ball with TM21, then runs away from a Herdier.

I go back and see Alder, then I have to fight two school kids with two monkies. I had Mareep out in front. I switched to Oshawott to beat down firemonkey, and use Mareep's Tackle on grassmonkey. Then I get something outside. I go to the Pokemon Center and some guy is there, and suddenly I get a bunch of bronze coins? Medal system? But what the hell did I do? He says something about 4, and something about 90. No clue, but what I do do is talk to people, look in trash cans because I heard that's part of it, and watch some TV because I heard that's part of it too, and on the subject of the latter, there is random English text saying that whoever's Pokemon appears to have changed. Still no clue.

I go back, and Alder is suddenly up on that cliff again?! What in the actual fuck, man?! He gives me something, don't know what, and leaves. I go back, look in more trash cans and talk to more people, and get more medals from the guy for doing whatever it is I did. And don't tell me to go to serebii.net to see either, I shall never go there.

So the gym, I guess. The underlings fall ridiculously easily. And enter Cheren with his...two basic normal Pokemon. What the fuck. I heard he only gets a Pidove in Challenge Mode, nothing special at all. I was expecting Audino or something for a signature Pokemon, not shit you can just catch anywhere that is just an unevolved Lenorateam. Actually, if Furret was in this...well, two things would happen. One, he could have something neat at Level 15. And two, @We'reBlastinOffAgain; would be probably way too delighted. Though I beat a Dragonite on RSBot with Furret, Blizzard, and freezehax, so who am I to judge?

So anyway, Oshawott kills Patrat when it wastes time using Focus Energy. And then...nearly kills beardface, but gets KO'd by criticalhax. Mareep then comes out, gets knocked down to 21 HP, then Thundershocks with some Paralyze Hax. Just short of the KO, damn it! Luckily, thanks to said hax, none of it mattered, because two more jolts was all it took to put that dog to sleep.

And medal guy has nothing for me as a result of that win. I must say though, the new C-Gear with its radar theme looks neat, even if I have no idea what the actual Radar button does.

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    This was interesting. I may follow this
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