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NEWSFLASH: Fire found to be weak against Stun

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So, I, System Error, ROM hack beta tester extraordinaire who managed to get four or five seperate hacks of Super Mario World unreleased due to massive bug finding of the nitpickiest calliber even though I have much greater than average tolerance for that sort of thing has been testing a hardtype ROM hack of Final Fantasy 1 on the NES. Where things have been rebalanced, items have been changes, things have made more difficult...

Yeah...unbreaking spells that were broken in the NES version really lets you kick some ass. It also didn't help that KARY was weak to...fucking paralysis of all things.

Spells have been changed around in the hack; and there's one called BLZD that does a lot of Ice damage to a single enemy (the standard first tier elemental spells are now multi-target). Despite what you might think, it (and every other ice spell for that matter) doesn't really work on KARY, a fire enemy. Nope, she resists Ice, and her weakness is paralysis. Well, okay, the Stun element to be exact. Which not only includes one of the two paralysis spells (HOLD), but also includes SLEP (which also inflicts Darkness in this hack) and CONF (which also inflicts Mute).

And having three casters of paralysis is a sure-fire way to make sure at least one of those statuses hits. If I hit CONFuse, that means she basically can't do anything, so I'm free to spam White Shirt to raise my evade, and Rain Staff (a new item) to raise my defense. Then power up and slaughter her in one hit.

Of course, I actually defeated Kraken and Tiamat before this, so some of the easiness can be attributed to that. You can't class change until after you beat Kary, because the Crown has been moved to a treasure chest behind her. It always bothered me that while you actually DO need the Crown to enter the Castle of Trials, you can't not get the Crown. Though this is unnecessarily cruel. It's second nature for me to do the Ice Cave before the Volcano, man! Well, I did anyway, and I did pretty much everything else before the Volcano out of nothing more than sheer, unadulterated, spite, and for it, I got...props and a shoutout in future versions?

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  1. woops's Avatar
    That's... Pretty wierd. The craziness of hacking RPG games is always fun to mess with...
  2. Phoenicks's Avatar
    That's an amazing discovery.


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