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Nearing the end of my FF5 Four Job Fiesta

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The fiesta I planned to document then blew through in such a way that I didn't feel like doing so. Probably around the time I got Geomancer and definitely after Berserker #2. Still I took the screenshots's just that partially because the vB guys have screwy coding and the album doesn't like to upload them directly without renaming the file. wat.

But still, hey. Got a whole slew of videos here, so if you're interested, like @winstein; go crazy.

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  1. winstein's Avatar
    Couldn't watch some videos (I would've liked to see your approach on Gogo), but those that I saw were interesting. I didn't know that the path behind Gil Turtle could be traversed back (usually I resort to Exit to get out). It would be interesting to see how you deal with Omega (or its Mk-II counterpart), but too bad you didn't show that.

    Thanks for mentioning me.
    Updated 4th July 2013 at 09:55 AM by winstein
  2. System Error's Avatar
    @winstein; - Try watching the videos you couldn't watch again. Twitch is notorious in screwing up.

    Also, I have an epic plan for Omega; just haven't gotten around to bopping him yet. Need Burt to be at least Level 80; that way his multiplier becomes 12 after Shell, allowing him to kill Omega in 8-9 hits. Though it's really down to Encircle luck.
  3. winstein's Avatar
    @System Error;

    Ah, OK. That Gogo battle was interesting because of how it has some random messages after some time. Also, I see what you meant when you tried to take that Mime crystal in Walse Tower. Do you have plans to show Exdeath (final) or Neo-Exdeath's battle?

    I don't quite get the deal with Berserker Risk. What makes it so special?

    Thanks for reading.
  4. System Error's Avatar
    @winstein; - As part of the fiesta, you can pre-register with BERSERKER RISK!!! Since Berserker is traditionally thought of as a horrible class due to the lack of control. For every some-odd number of dollars in donations to this charity event, one player who went with risk will get a Berserker as one of their jobs. If there are more berserkers than riskers, then some people will get multiple berserkers. For example, I ended up with two, and a few unlucky clods got three.

    And yeah, I'll show them eventually.


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