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Magnagate Finding 101

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Rule #1: Magnagate Finding is terrible at circles within circles.
Tires. Try to scan one in, and you'll usually end up just getting the rims. Discs can also cause them grief

Rule #2: Magnagate Finding is inconsistent with cylinders from the right angle.
Fire hydrants are probably the most accessible, though the next rule may also apply there.

Rule #3: Magnagate Finding is inconsistent with convex and concave objects.
A cup can be a good example of concave technically, whereas convex would be something like a broomstick from the right angle.

Rule #4: Magnagate Finding does not work with round and hairy/fluffy objects.
Tennis balls. They're round, but enough fluff sticks up so that it screws things up.

Rule #5: Magnagate Finding is inconsistent with round objects on another object.
Doorknobs. Rule 1 usually comes into play if you can get it to work.

Rule #6: Magnagate Finding also works with ovals.
Try the letter O on a Stop Sign.

Rule #7: No night owls allowed.
All lights in a room as well as at night are generally yellow. You'll generally need LEDs or the sun's aid to get a decent enough variety of locales.

Rule #8: It's all worth it.
And the earlier and more you use it, the better.

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  1. Helioptile's Avatar
    Ah, I remember the days when a Japanese kid pointed his 3DS at a cookie and shouted "GO! MAGNAGATE!!" Looked so simple...
  2. Berrenta's Avatar
    When waiting for my lunch at my university's pub the other day, I tried getting magnagates going.

    The round salt/pepper shakers were not working, nor did the top of a ketchup bottle. Ended up trying a circular image on a card that they use for advertising events and it worked. It's a bit picky, I guess.

    Also, the rings that connect the straps of my purse to the bag part did not work either...and they're circular!


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