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Kittens, and Complaints Against Camera Quality Control

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So I got a kitten today. It's barely even six weeks old. I'm actually more of a dog person, but my apartment doesn't let you have one. Sucks too, because they're way more fun. But cats are fun, too. The one I got was one of two that everyone loved in its litter. Though, like Han Solo, I was the one who actually shot first no matter what certain people say. The other was a beige-ish tan one that was the first to be claimed.

Now, I wanted to take a picture of the cat, so I pulled out my camera. However, I found it to be shit. Pure shit. First off, things usually turn out blurry. And when it comes to taking photos in the dark, it just refuses. And by the dark, I mean just the slightest absence of light. Even with the flash, it refuses to take a picture in those conditions! Oh, and speaking of the flash, it usually causes the camera to shut off. At least it only cost me no money, only 600-some-odd Kool-Aid points which had no use otherwise (are those things even around, anymore? They were massively devalued with the 100 pointers on the Invisible stuff).

So that aside, here's the best of what I took.

It's not facing the camera in this shot (with the flash), but it's the only good full-body one.

This isn't clear by any means. I just thought the picture of it by the toilet was funny.

Two of these shots were very clear, but I'm only showing one. It's sort of hanging out near the trash can in my room. It tried to get up on the bed before this, but failed.

This is the best close-up I got out of like 100 photos. Clear as fuck, and it really shows the two distinct features on its face: the big eyes, and the little freckle by its nose.

If you're wondering, its name is Lily. I would've gone with Chairman Meow, but that's unoriginal, and it doesn't work for a female. I chose Lily because...well, I couldn't think of a good name at first! Then the idea of naming it after a flower came into my head. Lillies are white, as is the kitten, so there you go!

By the way, who the fuck decided there should be a limit of four images? Wasn't it six before? And eight before that? I mean, I could work with six, but four is just way too restrictive! Even five would be much better! Though I guess I should be thankful it's not three.

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  1. Ben Cousins's Avatar
    You have a cute kitten :)
  2. Dan's Avatar
    That is the greatest kitten ever
  3. Nekusagi's Avatar
    Adorable kitten is ADORABLE.
  4. Halberd Bravo's Avatar
    D'aww. I love kittens.


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