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Killed it in the LFT race.

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Dana dropped out, and though I wasn't sure, I eventually was coaxed into continuing by the other person. She messed around quite a bit with monsters and poaching and stuff, whereas I pressed on. I am a little worried though...she's only at the wall of Bethla Garrison, and is pressing on for entertainments' sake. Dead tired and suches.

Adramelk was just fucking ridiculous, though. He instantly undeads, slows, and darks everyone, heals them to damage them, then drains 999 HP and probably triple or quadruple turns you while doing so. If Rafa didn't land a Hydrogen Pit that hit 6 times, I probably wouldn't be here typing this now and instead be wallowing in frustration.

[00:45:21] <tehlaggy> aside from just immuning Slow with Elf Mantles, the spell he uses on you while undead is reflectable, and if targets are killed by it they remain undead, which immunes you to his big drain move
[00:45:28] <danacrysalis> Also, isn't Monk Revive able to revive the undead?
[00:45:30] <tehlaggy> haste also cancels and overwrites slow, if you have haste in any form
[00:45:40] <tehlaggy> yes, Monk abilities work through undead, chakra or revive.
[00:45:53] <danacrysalis> oddly, it wasn't showed as it working a minute ago.
[00:46:03] <tehlaggy> oh, sorry
[00:46:07] <tehlaggy> no, revive does not work. chakra does.
[00:46:10] <danacrysalis> Agrias was a dead undead, I targetted her with Revive, it said 00%.
[00:46:13] <danacrysalis> aha.
[00:46:16] <tehlaggy> also, you can set up around Dycedarg pre-transformation to get a lot prepped
[00:46:28] <tehlaggy> since it's a mid-fight transform, you can literally have your party all get turns on him before he can act
[00:46:41] <tehlaggy> annnd he has status vulnerabilities. Don't Move is the biggest one.
[00:46:58] <sirsystemerror> yeah. you weren't kidding when you said gimmick fight
[00:47:04] <tehlaggy> all of that said, I will freely admit I'm not that happy with the design
[00:47:11] <tehlaggy> I changed it like 10 times
[00:47:36] <tehlaggy> that said, people don't actually tend to get stuck on him that often because "kill him before he gets more than 1 turn off" tends to be common. <_<

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