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Killed a couple hour on the 12 days thing.

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Screw some of those ambigous questions, seriously.

Not complaining too loudly though, as I just don't care too much and have done enough complaining lately about actual factual issues. Guess I'm complained out or something.

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  1. Archaic's Avatar
    Which ones did you feel were ambiguous? Some of the questions were intentionally designed that way, so that there would be multiple acceptable answers right from the beginning.
  2. System Error's Avatar
    @Archaic; - The CD one was particularly screwy. Day 8 was a bit unclear; I got one of them as well as another candidate, but I'm not sure if the listing on the one page (which had all of the former) had a complete listing and wasn't about to sift through like a bazillion card pages. Day 5 was just a mess.

    Though I will say the manga ones were really good.
  3. Archaic's Avatar
    Could you be a little more specific about the problems you had with the CD one (Day 10, IIRC) and Day 5? Interested to know for future reference.
  4. System Error's Avatar
    @Archaic; - Day 5 had no real hub page or easy way of seeking things out, so you had to do it manually and link like a billion Bulbapedia pages. Day 10 mentioned themesongs that mention Christmas, but while I did get the intended one, there's also this which arguably count and are on a CD.
  5. Archaic's Avatar
    There wasn't a single overall hub page for Question 5, but there were several smaller hubs that could be used. IIRC, you could get it with less than 15 clicks, if you started with the appropriate category page.
    I should mention though, we're being lenient on the answers here. The entries for 2 of the 10 songs needed were a bit ambiguous on if they were opening or ending songs, so we'll be counting anyone who got the other 8, regardless of if they also got the other 2 or not (several people did, but not a lot).

    The Day 10 question specified a CD that explicitly referenced Christmas, which eliminated that particular option that you've linked there.
    Updated 28th December 2013 at 11:51 PM by Archaic


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