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The Live Wire

The Live Wire is a fast-paced, action-filled blog filled with the collection of a now fairly known user's thoughts on events as they happen. The updates were intended to be short and sweet, though that was never really adhered to on a consistent basis. The content covered ranges wildly, from the latest and greatest to the criminally unknown, from opinions some may find disagreeable to irresistibility of varying qualifications. You may be entertained. You may be offended. You may be enlightened. You may even be disgusted. Is it a simple idea spiraled out of control? Perhaps. But it's all part of the ride. Prepare yourself.

  1. I don't like the new name for the Entertainment board

    by , 5th April 2010 at 03:41 PM (The Live Wire)
    "The Geeks Corner" sounds so negative. I mean, it's not necessarily a bad thing to wear an insult as a badge of honor, but god damn. Also, it soldifies how no one gives a damn about sports and turns even more people off, because sports are not for geeks.

    However, I will say that deseparating The Real World and The Soap Box (or wait, did we do that?) was a good idea. Now, all the ridiculous arguments can go in one place, and all the normal stuff can go in another. Seriously, ...
  2. The AI in Dissidia is really random.

    by , 5th April 2010 at 03:54 AM (The Live Wire)
    Since I can't GTS it up, I've chosen to do some PSP gaming, and I chose Dissidia as the game I haven't played yet to get into. I actually tried about a week back. A friend of a friend was over, and he was starting too. I started up, got Kefka, had a duel (he was Cloud), and I got my ass handed to me due to lack of equipment.

    But the AI...oh man. Sometimes, it's bullshit, like Pokemon Stadium, Mario Kart, Mario Party bullshit. It depends on the character. Exdeath in particular it mostly ...
  3. Lots of notable Earthquakes today.

    by , 5th April 2010 at 12:08 AM (The Live Wire)
    I've heard of like three so far. There was one in SoCal, another in Mexico, and one near "the geysers", wherever that is. Nothing major, but still, Earthquakes baby.
  4. Man, I've been pretty tired these last couple days

    by , 4th April 2010 at 04:11 PM (The Live Wire)
    Just haven't had the energy to do much. No idea why. It sucks, it really does suck. Especially with my epik quest being mostly undoable for the time being.
  5. Never seen my cat want to play that early late before.

    by , 4th April 2010 at 10:55 AM (The Live Wire)
    Or late early.

    Or this early this late.

    Or this...fuck.

    Right around the time I posted my previous blog (which was actually supposed to be scheduled), he was jumping around, trying to get me to play fetch with a rubber band as he usually does. It caused me to accidentally post the blog right after. And I'm typing it up as he's now in my room, away from the rubber bands in a sense, though this one will indeed be scheduled. I hope. He's scratching at my ...