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I suck at rhythm games

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I have no idea how the crazy people handle them at insane levels. As in, holy hell the human body can move and reacat that fast??? Its cray-cray, yo. It's not that I don't have the rhythm, because I sort of od. Sort of. But as for the hiigh speed rhythm, screw that.

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  1. Towspoki's Avatar
    I agree with that. Although I play those in easy levels xD.
  2. Setra's Avatar
    I can't play rhythm games at all. I downloaded the demo of Rhythm Thief and failed every level. ;_;
  3. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    I'm really bad with rhythm games, cause they're based ENTIRELY on quick-time events, which I am very bad with.
  4. Dragonfyre's Avatar
    Same. I really don't know how other people handle the 'Extreme' levels.
  5. Zexy's Avatar
    I s*ck at them as well. Don't even buy them...
  6. FinalArcadia's Avatar
    They're definitely hard to get used to and make take some time to become good at, but there's something exciting in rhythm games about the rapid-fire button presses required at higher levels.

    Though I can see why people may not like them or want to bother with practicing, since it can take a while.
  7. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    and HarmoKnight comes out in just over a week..


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