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HGSS is awesome so far.

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Yes, I'm playing the ROM. What are you gonna do about it, punk? >:D The hell if I'm waiting six months to play. I'm spoiling myself now! Some things to note...

- It freezes from time to time on the emulator, but there's a patch for it.
- There's also already a patch that translates the menus, Pokemon names, and item names! I heard some of the new items are still in Japanese (dump from Platinum's item descrips?), but 99% of stuff is in English.
- Not really a fan of some the ultra-serene sounding remix of New Bark Town and Route 29.
- Wish I had stereo headphones so I could rock out to the battle theme.
- Silver's theme is also able to be rocked out to.
- Auto-run feature is a godsend.
- What the fuck is with the female character. Only at Violet, and she's shown up three, maybe four times. Most of them involved her or her Marill running around and/or jumping like idiots.
- Party so far...

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    Seeing that spoiler brought me undescribable joy.


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