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Hahahahahaha suck it Capcom

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Suck it long, and suck it hard

Apparently Inafune basically hired away the all the Megaman staff from them, and the result is this. He may have tried to buy the license, got refused, and now there's this. So yeah.

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  1. Italy-kun's Avatar
    Hahahahaha, amazing! It's just an enormous slap in the face to Capcom through and through, and I love it! He even seems to do that Megaman "HELL YES!" jump pose.
  2. Reila's Avatar
    Inafune really enjoys pissing Capcom off. ^^ First, he was developing that "King of Pirates" 3DS game, in which the protagonist was a penguin that looks a lot like Mega Man and now he is trying to create this Mighty nº9. I hope he succeeds, because the game seem to have potential to be the Mega Man we fans were asking for !


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