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Haha, just heard an awesome story from speedrunner "werster"

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He recently did a speedrun of Pokemon Yellow, completing it single-segment in two hours and two minutes. Presently, he's running Pokemon Crystal. I for whatever reason believed that you can't run from shinies (a particular code forces it, and you can't run from them). He's never bumped into one while running, which would waste time anyway because of the sparkles. But this one time, he ended up getting a shiny Totodile as a starter. That was a reset - the animation wastes too much time in every single battle.

Would totally blow.

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  1. Dragonfyre's Avatar
    I fail to comprehend speedruns. By what Arceus-given talent can people complete a Pokémon game in mere hours?!

  2. System Error's Avatar
    @Dragonfyre; In the case of RPGs like Yellow, a whole lotta planning, a whole lotta patience, and a whole lotta luck.
  3. System Error's Avatar
    To put the patience/luck thing into perspective, I did some calculations for him. He needs a Totodile with 12AT (that goes up to 14 at level 6) and 11SD, OR he needs a Totodile with 13AT and 10SA.

    With 16 possible DV stats...in the first case, Attack has 6 values that will work, and Special has 4. (6/16)*(4/16) = 24/256 = 3/32. Only 15 will work for Attack in the latter case, but he can have anything 6 or better for the Special. It comes out to 5/128. So altogether, he has a 17/128 chance of making it past receiving Totodile, or 13.28%.
  4. System Error's Avatar
    Also, a short list of common run-enders:

    - Too many Poliwags before getting Poke Balls (can be hard to run from them)
    - Not being able to encounter a Poliwag in a timely fashion (needs it for an HM slave)
    - Falkner with Mud-Slap spam
    - Not being able to encounter a Sandshrew in a timely fashion (same story)
    - Getting caught by too many spinning trainers
    - However, getting caught by Hiker Anthony = gg, since you don't have Water Gun yet.
    - The second rival fight. Second biggest run-ender of a battle.
    - Whitney's Clefairy getting a bad move with Metronome. Thunder Wave, Spores, Confuse Rays, Zap Cannons, Thunders, Explosions, anything powerful, and more = gg
    - Whitney's Miltank, enough said. Biggest run-ender of a battle
    - Morty if he doesn't get enough flinches from Bite against Gengar
    - Morty's entire gym, especially if Confuse Ray is a bitch
    - Chuck's Poliwrath landing DynamicPunch and him being confused to death
    - Clair's Kingdra
    - Atrocious luck against Koga
    - Karen spamming Double Team and Sand Attack and stuff
    - Using too much PP against the Elite 4
    - Surge's Electrodes could probably mess him up if they decide to Explode.
    - Blue is a hard fight, although he's never died to him. Yet.
    - Red, if Espeon crits him. Surprisingly, the only really nasty thing in Kanto, since you're overleveled and they're underleveled.
    Updated 4th September 2012 at 02:18 PM by System Error


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