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FF5 Four Job Fiesta 2013 2: Lack of screenshots edition

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The next town has an interesting item - the Frost Rod. This boosts the power of Ice-elemental spells. This makes Burt's Blizzard fairly viable. It more than anything else I found in that town - and I didn't care much for anything else I found in the town - made clearing the mountain easier, except how I used Thunder against these lightning fellows because they're weak to it. Easy enemies, easy everything, easy easy easy. Even the boss was easy stuff and of little concern. But let's talk about that boss, shall we?

Final Fantasy V has a lot of interesting bosses. Magissa and Forza are two of them. To show how little I care I entered with the girls dead. Magissa will cast spells until she hits 300HP (starting with 650). Then she summons the physically-attacking Forza to the battle. Unfortunately, Forza is vulnerable to Sleep, and many other status effects. Ergo, I cast that spell on him, finished Magissa, and had Burt Blizzard the helpless muscular man to death.

This gains access to the Wind Drake and as such the next area of the game - Walse. This carried nothing really for me but this prize in the castle's basement. It's swarming with these powerful monsters known as Jackanapes, but I took advantage of a flaw in the GBA console where quicksaving and reloading lets you not get into encounters.

VIDEO: This would come in handy against the boss - Galura. Beating him proved too easy with four party members, so I went with one. His attack pattern is simple - a basic physical that did around 40 and Rush which does around the same but also inflicts HP Leak. He has 1200HP, and below 800 he'll do a two-hit combo counter when you attack him. With all this in mind, it was easy to outpace him.

Don't ask about this. But you can get Mime in World 1, sort of.

But moving on.

This opened up my second job - the Berserker. The Berserker is a class constantly under the Berserk status. They're also the only class besides the GBA-only Gladiator and Freelancer to equip Axes and Hammers. These weapons do variable damage, but the formula for their power is as follows:

Attack = (Weapon Attack/2) + (0..Weapon Attack)
M = (Level*Strength)/128 + 2
Defense = (Defense/4)
Already, we can see that the defense-piercing properties are something, although note many enemies have negliable defense. And so instead of Mythril Hammer having an attack of strictly 28, it can be anything from 14 to 42. Battle Axe (23) will vary from 11 to 34.

The damage formula is...

Damage = (Attack - Defense) * M
Assuming the worst vs. a 0 defense enemy, Level 9 Slutzerker w/46 Strength (M=5) and Mythril Hammer will do 70 damage at least and at most 210. With the Battle Axe that range is 55-170.

They're often the most ignored class for a reason, but they have their uses. There are some useful axes and hammers out there, they get heavy armor, and they can act out of turn order. The two biggest disadvantages are their agility - the lowest in the game for some stupid reason, and they don't do well against counterattackers.

These common grinding fodder aren't counterattackers, but are an example. They use the Blue Magic ????, so an overzealous Berserker could hit one into critical, and that would hurt. So...Slutzerker had to die!

Stuff happens. 15 Equipment Weight was important, as it meant she would move faster in battle.

VIDEO: Then it was onto the Fire Ship, where I mostly forgot about Poltergeists, beat up my own party members, and shit on the boss.

After this the castle blows up and you have to run the hell away while grabbing all the useful chests if you dare. Luckily, Burt's AOE made it a joke and I made it out with three minutes (out of 10) to spare.

More screenshots in next editions I guess?

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  1. winstein's Avatar
    This is an interesting series! I love Final Fantasy 5, so it's natural for me to see something special about how you handle things.

    I didn't know you were a speedrunner, so it's pleasant to know this. Do you have any runs you made that is been put up in the records?

    Thanks for reading.


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