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FF5 Four Job Fiesta 2013 1: Light it up!!!

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by , 16th June 2013 at 12:41 AM (1958 Views)
Check out this site for information on the Four Job Fiesta, dedicated to playing through Final Fantasy V in a unique way.

My Rules:
#Natural - Each character may only use one job from their corresponding Crystal; B-Man can use the Wind job, Lenna the Water Job, Faris the Fire job, and Galuf/Krile the Earth job. They must remain Freelancers until their job unlocks.
#random - Each crystal will give you a job from either itself or any of the ones below it. You will not get a duplicate job.
#BERSERKERRISK - You have a chance of getting a Berserker as one of your jobs. There is also a chance you'll get more Berserkers, depending on the donation counter. If there are more Berserkers to hand out than there are people with Berserker risk (which there are), you will get one and have a chance of getting more than one.
No Rod-Breaking - Self-imposed. I won't break rods or use cheap tactics.
Anyway, the RPGe translation of FF5 - one of the very first of its kind - as well as the PSX translation calls the main character Butz. Further translations apparently did not like the connection to asses and as such called him Bartz. I decided to compromise, so he is Burt for my game.

Being that this is a Natural Game, I figured it would be best if I killed off all the other characters and handle things solo with him for a period of time. There were two threats in doing so, both in the Wind Shrine. The first was the White Serpent enemy, which has a chance to use Entangle which will paralyze you. A killer for a lone character, but luckily they're weak. The other threat comes at Level 7 - there are enemies in the shrine called Black Goblins.

You may recall Goblin Punch as a trademark spell of the series, which does a lot more damage if your levels match. Since they're level 7, I stopped here and beat Wing Raptor. Who kept using Breath Wing when not closed, but I made it through. And the first job I rolled was...Black Mage!!

Before we get into why this is good, let's talk about the Black Mage itself. It casts the spells that make the people fall down, but the early ones are surprisingly ineffectual unless you're hitting an elemental weakness. To wit, if I equipped a Dagger, he would do 40 damage from the front row. Later on, they become powerful nukes with the appropriate elemental rod. Anything with a weakness is just _done_

Ability-wise, they have little to offer me. !Black is wasted on the class in a natural game, so the mastered reward: MP+30%, it will eventually is.

Now the Canal. There are two types of enemies here. Both of them will only ever target Lenna and Faris in-battle. This allowed me to grind Burt to level 8, and also I got Galuf up as well since the enemies would never attack him.

Level 8 is good for a Black Mage vs. Karlabos, the boss of this place. He has three attacks. A basic physical, a paralyzing attack, and Tailscrew - which takes your HP to critical levels. However, a Black Mage will kill him off fairly quickly. Galuf was going around 50 a strike, and the girls were dead weight.

Yeah. Expected that as a consequence.

The Ship Graveyard has a few different enemies in it. Carcursers are these...blanket things that are immune to fire and notably drop Elixirs, but Burt could still murder the Skeletons (which are) and the Undead Husks (weak to Lightning).

I didn't get a good screen of Siren, but I streamed it so there's that. She's a unique boss, shifting from a human form with various spells and a high resistance to magic, and an undead one that's the opposite. So the strat is: mob stab her when she's a human, and burn her when she's an undead. I made a nice call of the shift back there. If I had remembered the Flail - a weapon which ignores defense - I'd have employed it against her here. But it's like, does it matter?

So yeah, that's about where I'm at right now.

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