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The denist, little kid show reviews

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So the chair goes down, and there's another TV on the roof! Man, I'd like one of those. I "got" to watch a channel called K-2 or something along those lines...whatever that is. The showing included gems like Peep and the Big World, the Berenstain Bears, and some show with weird robot things with yellow heads. That's right, shows for little kids. Oh well, still beats what they show on stations for older audiences nowadays. I couldn't hear the sound, though, which may have been a good thing.

The robot show involved...god knows what. Some female one (robots have genders?) was crying her ass off for some reason I didn't catch. Peep's show revolves around these things that I think are supposed to be birds. A big fat blue one, a red one with a beak, and a small, newly hatched yellow one, the latter which I believe to be Peep. The blue one and the yellow one found some bread, and kept it. Then the blue learned to share with his friends. But then some ants came and stole it. They left, then, because he literally saved the bread for a rainy day, it got soggy. Note that they left it under a box, which, last time I checked, was fairly effective at keeping out water. No, it stopped raining for whatever reason when they went to it, and it was soggy when they got to it. The fuck? Then the ants came in, all like "sup?" and they just gave it to them. In the Berenstain Bears show, the brother was going around with a house key, acting like he had mad swagger, reading newspapers and working in toolsheds with his dad. Then he went fishing/swimming with his sister/some other bear. Something was probably lost in between the five minutes of sitting up then lying back down, though.

What, you want to hear about how the appointment went? You sick bastard. But okay, I think they improved the smell of the place, because it wasn't even a quarter weird-smelling as it usually is. I also had a lot of shit that needed cleaning; which is always fun, they started speaking in code once the actual dentist showed up (Only thing in English was "wisdom teeth need to come out". Not because there's no room; there's enough in there, but because they're not in all the way) and also need a root canal. No big deal, it's just $600.

...yeah. I hope my insurance covers it, or else I'm gonna be completely broke for a few months.

But I was serious about the cleaning being kind of enjoyable.

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  1. Dan's Avatar
    The Berenstain Bears. I remember that show/books...

    I think the robot show was that one with the dancing...


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