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This "Cops Uncut" show is pretty cool

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Yesterday, it was 12:30AM, and I wanted to watch something. Normally, I'd watch The Simpsons at this hour, but it was the episode where Lisa becomes a vegetarian. And I hate that episode. I just do. So I looked around for something else and saw this show on Court TV. I thought it would be like the old-skool COPS, except uncut. You know, BAD BOYS BAD BOYS. WHATCHA GONNA DO? WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU?

However, what I saw was not what I expected to see. Instead, I got a British show documenting American cop videos. It's what you'd typically expect from a cop show - cop chases and traffic stops, except with a British guy narrating, and insults towards Americans. Also, the other thing I really like is how they show videos where the crooks get away. I've seen tons of cop shows, all of which tote the all-powerfulness of cops and/or the law, showing criminals being brough to justice often ending in spectacular crashes or things like spike strips, and only once did I see a scene where a crook escaped (his buddy caused the cops grief and took the fall in his stead). But between the two episodes I've seen so far, I've seen no less than 3 dumb cop scenes.

One was of a cop chasing a perp through a forest. They went through a river and into a clearing before the guy stopped. Now, it was said the cop wanted to get to a New Year's Party and just wanted to get the chase over with. So he got out, gun drawn, but due to his inattentiveness, the perp was able to speed off and out of sight before the cop could react. Clean getaway!

Two others involved a cop car pursuing a criminal, but getting caught up in a traffic accident and the crook getting away because of it.

A most excellent change of pace from the average cop show, if I do say so myself!

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