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Anyone else find it funny...

Rate this Entry is claiming their info is WORLD EXCLUSIVE, and yet, all he's been doing is taking info from 2ch and posting images that someone who got the game early took?

It isn't even disguised at all. The only way it could be more blatant is if he said it outright! I loathe to admit that I can respect his info-getting skills, but man, he's arrogant as a motherfucker at times like this!, uh, yeah. That person who's playing the game better hurry up. Last I heard, she's only just went into the Rocket Hideout. How does she expect to keep everyone's attention at this rate!? And why has the ROM still not leaked yet!??!?!!!

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  1. 1337R34P3R's Avatar
    your blog title appeared just above hallowhearts blog about murder. made me =_=
  2. Kasumi's Avatar
    The funny thing about Joe is that he thinks people are that stupid to believe his claims. *shrugs*
  3. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Poor Joe... It must be lonely where he's at.
  4. Dewgong Reign's Avatar
    You can talk to him right here. Serebii, obviously. Pretty convenient, eh?
  5. Sublime's Avatar
    Serebii has been doing that for a long time now, I'm not surprised.


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