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4 years, 5000 blogs

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Five thousand blogs. Before anyone else even hit 1000. Hell, before I hit 1000 posts. Holy shit. I couldn't have timed this better, either. Because my very first blog, time travel notwithstanding, was posted on March 13th, 2009, 4:41PM Pacific! Just like this blog here! Well, I was planning this for a while, then time sort of crept up on me.

Now blogging isn't the first thing I've done on Bulbagarden (my Shadows of Almia playthrough log/FULL TEXT LP predates it), and it isn't the most recent either. But it's got to be the most notable. Well, actually. There's Pokemon in MS-Paint which is only just starting Sinnoh somehow but has 319K views. And my fanfic too, but this holds a special sort of place in my heart as the first big thing i've done.

The Live Wire first started as something to tell of my day to day activities. I like to think it is what really made blogging a thing on Bulbagarden. Even if it was somewhat controversial at times, that is all. From my duck friends to bizarre sleep issues to worse sleep issues to battling DCM's clique to two moves to movies to taking care of baby sparrows to talks of purchases and swap meets to numerous instances of ripping on the vBulletin guys including testing some stuff to Multiplayer Ghostbusters madness to the late bathroom activities because people are squeebish.

My 100th blogwas me showing swag in not caring that there was a fire in the complex across from me. My 1000th blogwas sort of like this, but sort of not. 2000 was crazy math. Who really cares about any other milestone? 100 was cool back then, 1000 was the first to hit quad-digits (and again still is), 2000 is some calcing it out.

And for reference's sake in regards to the latter, four years, 5000 blogs is 1250 a year. So I lapsed a bit and so my calculations are a bit off. So 2016, consider yourself lucky. 2017, your time is ticking! 10000 blogs!

Then there was this. This whole sequence was hilarious. It started with me posting a simple blog as I always do, Then someone posted after. Then I posted a blog again to make a silly remark on the style of my last blog. Then someone posted after. Earlier, I remarked on how I hated that. Then I posted this, and all hell broke loose. I ended up posting 11 blogs total that day (PST) starting with this, a record that I believe still stands for me and was all relevant.

So two things. First, seeing all that stuff has made me realize what we must do...WE'RE BRINGING BACK THE GOLDEN AGE, BABY!!! FOR THE GLORY OF BLOGGING!!! Bandwagoning watered the blogs down, then they left because there's only so much you can actually do with them, and now we must fight to revitalize them!! We can make it happen! Come on, everyone!!!

Anyway, now I feel now is the time to mention everyone. EVERYONE. Everyone on my friends list, everyone who participated in any stealth mentions contest I held along the way, everyone else who I may be forgetting, and so on. If you are not on this list, then that means I either forgot or you are totally new here. If your username does not match up with what is shown here, then that means that you changed your username.


Let's start with everybody on my friends list.

@$aturn¥oshi; - Thank you for being the only person to notice my unexplained absence when I moved a few months back. I swear I would've considered peacing out in a fit otherwise.

@AceTrainer14; - <insert clever writing pun here>

@AiedailEclipsed; - Will we be seeing epicness in RP/Writing related forms soon?!?!?!!!

@Blazaking; - Shoutouts to something.

@Buizelfan!; - So good you have an exclaimation point

@Caite-chan; - Woo!!

@d.aisuke; - You're all right.

@Ekard; - The Prime Minister of the Event!!

@Flaze; - Wasn't expecting to like your fic going in admittedly, but I did. And hey, got a lot more out of it than I bargained for!

@gameking1; - Certainly no peasant.

@Hallowheart; - Keep on truckin', girl. #TeamHallow

@Happy Mask Man; - I have suffered a terrible fate. My old friend is missing. Help me out here.

@Ice; - Still the worstest name from Shadows of Almia.

@Kankri Vantas; - Trying to remember what username you were that I recognize it as. Probably Abbadon. Actually, I'm sure of it!

@katey; - Last activity in March...of last year. ;_;

@Kira Akigari; - Do you think you could take Kiratwig in a baking contest?

@Kiratwig; - Do you think you could take Kira Akigari in a dance-off?

@LadyLady; - Not just a lady, but TWICE THE LADY are you. New Writer too.

@Legacy; - Hey I got an award for writing an essay on how you were the most hardworking mod. DON'T MAKE ME A LIAR NOW. :)

@MFreak; - Oh yeah, well I've been spriting since early 2001. I never made plans to continue. You got me beat there.

@Miar; - Pretty chill guy.

@Mijumaru5; - Cool beans.

@Morru Magnum; - Now here's a username that commands respect!

@Mudkipz; - A little weird how such a notable username would be taken by someone who's not logged in since 2009. But thanks to you, no one else will use it! Yays!

@new mew; - I always read your name as mew mew. It was a shock to discover that was never the case

@op101; - so OP, needs a nerf

@Oremor; - You know, I always wonder. What would a person think after logging in after not coming for a while and seeing a surprise mention?

@patriotfan09; - Hey didn't we do that remember me dance back in 2011?

@Pokemoll; - Er, I swear I recognize your avatar, but I can't put my finger on it...

@pokeslob; - Yo!

@RexRacer; - It's RexRacer! REEEEX RAAAACER!!!

@Scarlet Marines; - Red ocean?

@Shiay; - Oh wow, it's been so long since I've talked to you.

@Steelrush; - Sorry things didn't work for you here.

@Thanatos; - Gnatong is still a thing!

@The Twilight Knight; - Twilight always bugged me. It's like, I can't sleep because it's kinda bright, but I can't be awake because it's too dark.

@TheUnownGoldHeart; - Holy hell it's been ages

@torch; - Evolved into Blaziken yyt?

@Trainer17; - Awesomeness needs to happen!!

@Turtle Tamer Kammy; - A username that always stood out to me for some reason. I don't know why. But I always liked it.

@Umbrella; - Best (actually only) gimmick poster on the site!

@Whatever; - Yeah, Whatever!!

@YoshiSage; - You control the past and present by proxy too, you know.

@Yuuki Asuna; - !!


Now let's do everyone not on my friends list. Starting with shoutouts to all the people behind the magic for creating the best Pokemon forum. I'm not just sayin', either. serebii is serebii, smogon is elitist, the rest don't matter. Fairly lenient rules, generally chill. This place has got the works! And here we go, in no particular order, everyone I can think of/had down not on my friends list to mention.

@Ino-Chan; - You disappeared...where've you been? ;_;

@Ferbgor; - I warned you that you would rue that day. And now, commence the rueing.

@Octy; - You're on my megamention. GUILT TRIP COMMENCE. Well to be honest, I forgot the context of this but it's what I wrote. w/e I guess.

@Lavender Frost; - Purple ice is cool.

@Synthesis; - Always was the most bland of the time restoring moves to me, but hey. Can't be as swag as Morning Sun, but still more practical than Moonlight!

@Yoshi-san; - y m i stil on ignore and no see your blog?

@TheMissingno.; - That goes for you too, sir.

@Croag; - Ribbit, baby.

@Mijzelffan; - The shzzel

@Mako; - I know I know you! But I don't know what I know you for! I feel awful! Dreadful, even!!!

@yourlilemogirl; - TAY TAY TAY TAY TAY TAY

@G013M; - Erm. Randomy question - why 13? >_>

@Still DCM no matter what you call yourself these days; - The finest rival I've ever had!

@The Outrage; - With that being said, it's up to you to make it to 1000 before him! CAN YOU DO IT???

@Contrary; - Or will it be someone a little further off~

@Soulmaster; - That purple dragon always makes me go :3

@CyberBlastoise; - Just taking a random name I found on Who's Online. An awesome name and concept, I might add.

@Scarlet Devil; - See above and also in my recent viewers. A little disappointed there doesn't seem to be any Touhou influence behind it, though.

@Fandango; - Your name reminds me of wrestling, even though that guy's appearances are erratic at best.

@DarkDreams; - Happy to be entertaining with my terribad art!

@Kelleo; - Getting it took me so long.

@Gotpika; - So pleasant as a reader~

@DracoMan; - I almost forgot you! Keyword being almost! But, got'em!!!

@Christian the Ranter; - I was going to make a top 5 other blogs list. It feel through because I couldn't think of enough, but this would've been on it for being unafraid to speak your mind.

@Felly; - oh hey its FELLY

@winstein; - Only Gardener I know with a catchphrase. Thanks for reading~


And now for some random people from the aforementioned contest blogs, as well as a couple others for the hell of it.

@Parma; - If usernames were real names, you would have an excellent first name. Because your middle could be Zon and your last name Cheez.

@GatoRage; - Your username makes me think of Digimon. Gatomon, muthafucka.

@Setra; - Our home and native land, man! Okay the joke doesn't make sense anymore because you're no longer Canada* but hey! O CANADA. I also apparently had you here twice, also as Hawkeye which makes me think of that Secret of Mana sequel that who cares how it is spelled? You and your username changes!

@Kyumorph; - What's a Kyumorph supposed to be, anyways? It like an Animorph?

@Pyradox; - (>O_O)>=-=-=-=-O

@OverlordRuby; - Happy to be of servitude, your mightiness.

@Orion; - nice belt

@Locked In My Asylum; - Dr. Amadeus Arkham!?

@Lief; - Why a FF1 Thief for an avatar? At least at one point?

@Shiny Staraptor; - Never liked its colors. Although, on second examination, regular Staraptor looks like an emo kid. So Shiny kind of wins by default?

@Belarus.; - Examining your username history it seems you were the former Russia* which I do recognize. And before that you were Flonne, so I'm guessing you're a communist Disgaea fan? Cool.

@Dragonfyre; - Way too cool a cat for silly things like Is.

@Master Mew; - I need to RP more often, right? If only I had my motivationing...

@The coolest cal alive; - Well I only know of one other Cal and he is fictional and you are way cooler than him.


@PkmnGreen; - But nothing!

@Prof. Lugion; - I wrote one word here: "Pervert". What the context is, I know. The reasoning for me writing it, I don't.

@Robin Storm; - Likes LOOOOOOONG walks late at night. With his dog.

@fabfab; - You promised me softcore lesbian porn and sandwich recipes. You did not deliver. Where are the sandwich recipes, fabfab?

@Mizuhashi; - Congratulations on defeating that other guy!

@Voltaire Magneton; - You got beat. Have a consolation prize anyway

@BMGF Anime Master; - I see your name on Recent Viewers a lot.

@Force Fire; - Suppose I knew someone who said Bulbapedia was shit - although doesn't like the likes of serebii, smogon, etc. either. What would you say in response?

@Tophat Dragoneye; - I never realized it before, but hot damn that's an awesome username.


So yeah, that's about all that comes to mind right now. I was going to do more, but settled for this and also because, like I mentioned before, time crept on me. Anyway, with all that madness being said, PARTY TIME???

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  1. Tophat Dragoneye's Avatar
    @Tophat Dragoneye; - I never realized it before, but hot damn that's an awesome username.
    Hehe, thank you, and congratulations on reaching 5000 blogs! That's quite the achievement you managed to do :)
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    5000 wow that is a lot of blogs, dude, congrats.
    Thanks for the mention btw, Im going by the name Ninfia now.
  3. Legacy's Avatar
    Congrats, SE! 5,000 is a fricken lot. Thanks for the mention, but I've already let you down XD. I'm no longer a mod.
  4. Jolene's Avatar
    Contrats dude, but no mention. I shall hold this against you for an eternity, though I'll probably forget by tomorrow.
  5. winstein's Avatar
    It is certainly an accomplishment to be able to gather the dedication to create all those blogs. While it's not something I would read through, that commitment of yours is actually admirable.

    By the way, thanks for the mention.

    Thanks for reading.
  6. Marcie's Avatar
    Thanks for the mention, and the girl in my avatar is Himeji Mizuki from Baka to Test. :3c Hooray on the massive blog count!
  7. Lugion's Avatar
    I don't understand.
  8. Iteru's Avatar
    Can the next 5000 vary a bit more? Sleep, shit and speedruns get tiresome to read after a while.
  9. Shiny Staraptor's Avatar
    Yay, you mentioned me!

    Congrats on 5000, SE. I bet it takes a lot of effort/impulse posting to have more blogs than posts.
  10. AceTrainer14's Avatar
    <insert meaningful message here>
    Congrats on reaching such a milestone! I have appreciated all your views on 8ES and I hope I can return the favour at some point :)
  11. Towspoki's Avatar
    Wooties for you!
  12. Yuuki Asuna's Avatar
    . . .wat's with the "!!"? xD
  13. Turtle Tamer Kammy's Avatar
    I got mentioned what is even happening.
    Oh, hi.
  14. Robin Storm's Avatar
    Thats so SWEEEEEET of you!!!!!!!
    CONGRATS!!!!!!! Well thnks to you its very nice here to!!!!
  15. Shiay's Avatar
    Fffffffffffffffffffffffffff-- I just saw this blog entry. ; u ;

    Yes, it's been insanely long since we've gotten to talk with one another. I've been off and on because of real life matters, and it's been ongoing for quite some time.

    How have you been?
  16. Umbrella's Avatar
    This entry is fucking beautiful <3
  17. Oremor's Avatar
    Hehe, sorry I guess. Pretty busy with college. Also, skyrim's invaded my playtime. But anyway:
    (late) Kudos on 4 years and 5000 blogs! :D
  18. Ekard's Avatar
    Prime Minister aye? Sounds pretty neat. :)
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