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The Live Wire

The Live Wire is a fast-paced, action-filled blog filled with the collection of a now fairly known user's thoughts on events as they happen. The updates were intended to be short and sweet, though that was never really adhered to on a consistent basis. The content covered ranges wildly, from the latest and greatest to the criminally unknown, from opinions some may find disagreeable to irresistibility of varying qualifications. You may be entertained. You may be offended. You may be enlightened. You may even be disgusted. Is it a simple idea spiraled out of control? Perhaps. But it's all part of the ride. Prepare yourself.

  1. ...fuck it. Wrestlemania 29.

    by , 7th April 2013 at 06:21 PM (The Live Wire)
    A hurricane Sandy tribute is the curtain jerker. National guards who helped with Sandy are on second. A montage is third.

    Match 1: Lobster Head, Blandy Boreton & Big Shit vs. The Shield
    Two faces and a heel vs. three heels. Notable moment - Big Show ripping off the protective equipment. Orton tags a tag meant for Show towards the end. He cleans house, but gets leveled. Show just watches him pinned unamusedly. KOs both after the match.

    A bunch of stuff nobody ...

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  2. Okay. Really. Max level for moves in Mystery Dungeon Crawler.

    by , 7th April 2013 at 04:40 PM (The Live Wire)
    I achieved Sludge Bomb VII. It can still fucking level. And I probably made the entire rest of the game ridiculously easy because of all the level gaining as a result. Like, holy shit. I was just trying to build Paradise without being interrupted by longwinded dickheads every morning, and I hit the high 20s before I knew what was going on!! What the fuck, man!?
  3. Magnagate Navigating 102

    by , 7th April 2013 at 01:30 PM (The Live Wire)
    aka the one where I briefly comment on every tier of selections

    Tier 7 (3 stars)
    Servine Lv22: Leaf Tornado/Tackle/Vine Whip/Growth
    Pignite Lv20: Arm Thrust/Defense Curl/Flame Charge/Ember
    Dewott Lv20: Tackle/Focus Energy/Water Gun/Razor Shell
    Pikachu Lv23: Quick Attack/Thundershock/Electro Ball/Thunder Wave
    The bad news is, aside from Pikachu, this is all shit. Sevine is probably the worst despite the presence of Growth - ...

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  4. Hm, Wrestlemania is today.

    by , 7th April 2013 at 11:43 AM (The Live Wire)
    But I'm just not feeling it.