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The Live Wire

The Live Wire is a fast-paced, action-filled blog filled with the collection of a now fairly known user's thoughts on events as they happen. The updates were intended to be short and sweet, though that was never really adhered to on a consistent basis. The content covered ranges wildly, from the latest and greatest to the criminally unknown, from opinions some may find disagreeable to irresistibility of varying qualifications. You may be entertained. You may be offended. You may be enlightened. You may even be disgusted. Is it a simple idea spiraled out of control? Perhaps. But it's all part of the ride. Prepare yourself.

  1. So I hooked up my desktop again, finally.

    For some reason, it is not connecting to the internet properly.

    Not that I really need it to, considering I use my laptop for that now. But if I ever feel the need to get a better desktop, which I have been considering, it might end up a problem. And also, it means I can get stuffs of it that I had on there. As well as update MS-Paint Pokemon, which uses that version of paint.
  2. Want to know some irony?

    A speedrunning website taking a long time to update. So much so that it's the brunt of jokes that by the time it updates, the records are already obsoleted. Case in point, although not obsoleted: a Grand Theft Auto III 100% run. A timeline of the run for you:

    July 2008: Planning begins
    February 2009: Planning complete
    March 2009: The segmented run begins
    October 2011: The segmented run is completed. Yes, two and a half years, including breaks in-between.