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The Live Wire

The Live Wire is a fast-paced, action-filled blog filled with the collection of a now fairly known user's thoughts on events as they happen. The updates were intended to be short and sweet, though that was never really adhered to on a consistent basis. The content covered ranges wildly, from the latest and greatest to the criminally unknown, from opinions some may find disagreeable to irresistibility of varying qualifications. You may be entertained. You may be offended. You may be enlightened. You may even be disgusted. Is it a simple idea spiraled out of control? Perhaps. But it's all part of the ride. Prepare yourself.

  1. Pokemon Black2 Progress Part V: South Side Up In Here

    Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IX | Part X | Part XI | Part XII
    Alternate title: You're Grounded, Bitch

    So in Fourside, I catch some stuff, fight some people go back, then return and find out some bitch with a Drilbur and Marill wants to fight again?! Then Akuroma uses his magic powers to turn some cardboard boxes into Crustles. He also has this crazy overworld pose where he thinks and points. What can he bring? Magnemite ...

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  2. Haven't had internet for a little over a week.

    Mostly because they screwed up a work order. Which totally sucked ass. I mean, it was a move so I was expecting to go a few days without. But all that? What the hell?

    In other news, holy shit B2W2 are out already? I finished my playthrough of the Japanese version only hours ago, and I fully wrote the progress for that. So yeahs.