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2.5th Tabletopping session

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After taking a moment to recuperate health using the crystals' mystical light, the four rounded the corner, only to find an unusual-looking Carbink, visibly annoyed before a gigantic crystal. The twins decided to make an appeal towards it. This was successful, although the thing was still a bit upset with Habiki for the destruction of one of the crystals. They managed to find out that the caves were a natural habitat for Pokemon that they use to rest and recuperate, and the crystals were being mined faster than they could be replaced.

With this, the group was left with what to do. Sayaka decided to try phoning home despite the consequences of the action. She dialed too quickly for Habiki to call instead (and not risk them finding out Sayaka's whereabouts; she told them to whole story). Habiki, on the other hand, decided to tell the workers outside the cave of the developments. He sent a runner out to tell Lady Oichi of the situation. As expected, bad things came of Sayaka phoning home. The group was thusly left with a couple hours to kill. Habiki and Sayaka trained their Pokemon, the former also taking care of the injured Froakie. Suddenly, screams rang from outside. Several Poison Pokemon invade the cave, and seem to have a corrupting effect on the crystals. Sayaka was scared out of her wits, Habiki decided to go warn Carbink.

The battle went off to a lousy start. But then, something new entered the scene.

This is the Hero of the Fairy Kingdom against oppressive Poisonous Pokemon! The shining beacon of hope for all that frollick in the fields! It is... THE SILVER ZANGOOSE.
It's a Steel type, by the way. It would give aid as the Pokemon fought. Lia would be knocked unconscious during the scuffle by a nasty critical Poison Tail from the Seviper. Her Honedge would also take a beating, and Kaede would at one point find herself wrapped up by three Ekans at once. Nevertheless, they held out. The Seviper high-tailed it when things got rough. Habiki made it back to help with Kaede's injuries. Habiki managed to capture a Grimer after freezing it, and Kaede an Ekans.

At the end of the battle, the crystals that were tainted had to be destroyed. Oichi shows up after, and Habiki and Kaede explained the situation to her. For their efforts in handling the situation, she promoted the unit from Trainees to Rank 1. Oichu would go on to purify the cavern after some time, the Carbink would remain in Nymphia, and...the group would gather at Sayaka and Habiki's place for dinner, and the twins to face the music.

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