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Duckgon Z

The Joys of DS Ownership

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by , 26th February 2011 at 09:16 PM (206 Views)
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Wow, after weeks and weeks of working for scraps...I finally got enough money for my own Nintendo DS. It's Blue, goes nice with the Blue iPod Shuffle I bought today as well, and I can whip it out anywhere without being embarrassed because it's not pink anymore! Of course with this, combined with my sister's DS...I can now do trades with myself.

Honestly, this is a HUGE step for me. For years I've been unable to get WiFi and as such, guys like Magmortar, Gengar, Kingdra, and Alakazam have been unattainable to me...but no more. As soon as I get a WiFi modem in a few weeks, I'm coming for you. Yes, you.

Oh yeah, the guy at GameStop asked me if I wanted to preorder Black or White today, I told him I'd be back in a year. Then he told me, "But Pokemon Gray/Grey might be out by then!" Exactly.

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    I LOLed at the Gamestop guy's reaction.


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