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  1. Move type-changing Abilities

    In English, the move type-changing Abilities all end in "-ate", except Normalize. (In other languages, including Japanese, they're just "X Skin", where X is the type or something related to the type.) Four types already have Abilities, and I thought I could try and come up with potential English names for the other 14.

    Most of them try and be more like "Refrigerate", where the word as a whole actually relates to the type, but there's a few that I tried to be a bit clever and make ...

    Updated 10th August 2014 at 06:55 AM by SnorlaxMonster (changing Dark because a commenter gave me a way better one)

  2. Failure of the official Pokemon website

    US page
    UK page

    So this page on the official Pokémon website is supposed to tell you about Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. Instead, it is packed full of mistakes and misleading information. I originally noticed one mistake, then just kept looking and found so many I decided to make this blog post.

    Section 1: Mew
    The caption of the left image in the gallery says "Catching the Legendary Mew will require lots of luck!". Whoever wrote this has clearly never ...
  3. Pokémon X is not new?

    Many people are looking at these new titles and thinking "Wow, letters! They've never done that before!" This is not entirely true.

    Now, first I'm going to ignore the tenth anniversary CD with the same name, the webcomic with a similar name, and the fact that Lugia was referred to as "Pokémon X".

    What I'm going to focus on is the old Pokémon game called "Pokémon X". I can't really find any good sources on it (and now Google is filled with X and Y news making finding ...
  4. Does anyone have a Japanese Global Link account and want a Blissey?

    I have a happy calendar card from a Pokémon Center store that allows you to get the Christmas Blissey via Pokémon Global Link promotion. This is a one-time use password, and the promotion ends on December 25 (presumably in Japan's timezone).

    I do not have a Japanese Global Link account, making the code useless to me. If anyone wants it and has the ability to use it, please reply to this blog. I only have one code, so whoever is first will get it. I will PM you the code to ensure ...
  5. Complaints about the Pokémon Dream World

    The Dream World was a good concept. At first, I really enjoyed it and went on every day. Then I missed a day. Then two. The I started playing about once per week (what I do now). The first stage lasted the longest though.

    When I used to play daily, I was getting 1-2 pages of visitors per day, with probably 1-2 Dream Pal requests per day. I had trouble finding other people's Berries to water because everyone was watering everyone else's Berries. Now I visit once a week and I have 1-2 ...

    Updated 16th September 2011 at 09:00 AM by SnorlaxMonster