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Brief Contradiction

So I Watched Summer Wars

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It was great. I smiled and I cried. I went into this movie with no expectations and was rewarded with a sincere, or almost pure story. I say pure because the story seems like it was dreamed up just because it would be fun and interesting-not because it would get sales or critical acclaim. The type of thing where money is a key deciding factor in the way a narrative is forced to cater for everyone is one of the reasons Hollywood movies have become so tiresome for me. I won't build up Summer Wars by saying that it was awesome (even though it was) or that it was a touchingly pure portrayal of family life (even though it kinda is), I will just say that it managed to relate to me (Probably because I come from an equally large family). It managed to choke me up at some points
because, even when you do believe in the inherrant goodness of people (or at least, the cynic in you that wants to believe), it's nice to be reminded and I came away from it feeling fulfilled and feeling like a better person.

The visuals are lovingly designed by Mamoru Hosoda and his style is mostly consistent throughout. Your eyes will be popping from the pop art vibe of Oz.

I reccomend watching it in a "Cinema" type of atmosphere-that is, with lights dimmed or off, sitting in a comfortable atmosphere with no interruptions on a nice tv. It really helps you get into the movie.

So in short-this movie is wonderful and you should watch it but I won't guarantee you'll like it. There is no accounting for taste, afterall.

Also, theres a moment at the end that may warm your heart or scare the mother loving fudge out of you.

Song of the Blog Post: Sakura Iro by Angela Aki

PS:Woo we can embed videos now! =D

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  1. LinkSeasonMaster's Avatar
    I first heard of this film over a year ago when I saw Jesuotaku of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses review it. At the time, I was intrigued and put it on my list of movies that I should get around to seeing, but much to my surprise last November, I got an e-mail that a school club I was a part of was doing a showing of it on a Saturday afternoon with English subtitles. Despite my preference for dubs when available, I had been feeling very stressed that day, and deciding that I needed a break, went to check it out.

    Easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. I could see why Jesuotaku had said that the only real issue she could find with it was its understanding of how technology works, and she immediately felt horrible for saying it. The music, the animation, the characters, the voice cast, the story telling...there is not enough praise I can give this masterpiece of a movie. And once it was over, I not only felt better then than I had felt all week, but I knew immediately that I had to get my copy on DVD, for I had just discovered my favorite film to date. I've had plenty of films I considered favorites, but none I could confidently rank as being at the very top of the list until then.

    The first time I saw it dubbed was on my school laptop on a Friday afternoon the following semester. I had ordered a copy for myself during the holiday break, and brought it with me to school. Another brilliant decision. The week had started off horrible, and didn't stop giving me stress for even an instant. By Monday afternoon, I knew I had to watch Summer Wars at the end of the week. Friday couldn't come quickly, and even then, I suddenly found that I couldn't get my laptop to play the DVD. After spending two hours trying to get it to play before finally just running as quickly as I could to my school's Tech Support office, ran back just quickly, and started it up without waiting another moment. Two hours later, it was as though everything that had gone wrong for me during the week and all the stress, anger, and frustration that had come with it had never occurred in the first place. I felt happier after it was over than I had felt enraged at any one point that week. After having seen it only twice, I knew then and there that Summer Wars had more than earned the right to by my favorite movie of all time.

    By no means am I saying that everyone will enjoy it to the extent that I have, or even get out of it what I did (and boy did I get a LOT out of it). But for me personally, Summer Wars is the most amazing, uplifting, inspiring, and enjoyable film I have ever had the pleasure of watching.
  2. Winged Psychic's Avatar
    Hey I just logged in to follow some christmas stuff and saw your comment. Glad to see you liked it!


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