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Brief Contradiction

Showcase: Audiosurf

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by , 14th August 2011 at 01:14 PM (288 Views)
Watch here
(Watching in at least 720p or even 480 would be nice)

So what is a "showcase", you ask?
Well, it is a term I coined for my YouTube channel for categorising coverage of a game that isn't necessarily a Let's Play. I think the term "Let's Play" has evolved to the point where people will be expecting a beginning, middle and end.

To that point I have used the showcase category to allow for coverage of games that are open ended without a clear ending (mmos, Audiosurf) or games that I don't particularly want to play all the way through. That way, I won't betray any expectations an audience may have with the connotations.

I hope it makes sense and doesn't feel contrived, I may or may not keep this up depending on how well people understand this category. I do like over-thinking things though. Just the other day I was talking with my friend of colour about whether superman's poo was indestructible, how it was disposed of and whether he even excreted waste like normal people. Personally, I'd like to think it is released through gaseous pores.

I decided to pick Audiosurf as my first showcase because I really like Audiosurf. That's pretty much it as far as reasoning is concerned. Most of the Audiosurf videos on YouTube show off the high paced, colour frenzied gameplay of faster songs and I wanted to show that gameplay of slow songs can be a pretty amazing experience in their own way too.

Oh, and I uploaded two more videos to my Let's Play of Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure (You can see the first two in the previous blog post). I have them all finished, it's just that youtube takes forever to upload anything and I'm not sure whether it's youtube's slow uploading process or the Australian toaster-for-a-modem aspect. After playing it for a couple of minutes the monotonous music starts to make me sleepy. You can tell that the game was made to get a quick buck, ie, the 12 or so maps used over and over again and passwords instead of a save feature. Thankfully it's a short game.

Speaking of the let's play I've put the part numbers at the front of the video name because it's always annoying spending those extra seconds hovering your mouse of the sidebar looking to find which video is up next. Although, I've also made a playlist which will also alleviate that problem when it is all uploaded.

I also just finished sprucing up my channel design. It's supposed to be simple but colourful.

I'm wondering whether I should change my forum name to my youtube name for the convenience.

Welp I ended up writing up a lot more than I intended.

So tell me what you think if you want to, and feel free to like or dislike, subscribe or comment.

Hoping the friend of colour and superman joke crosses the line twice from being offensive into being funny. No offence intended to any parties please don't yell at me.

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