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The Ruby and Sapphire Remakes Should be Orchestrated!

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by , 5th March 2012 at 05:47 PM (127 Views)
Ending (Ruby and Sapphire End Credits) - Pokémon Reorchestrated vs. Pokemon Emerald Ending | YouTube Doubler | Mashup Helper

Mute the sound on the right video. You can see it can't you? Imagine playing it on a 3DS with the 3D models (or very well done sprites) of pokemon moving past the screen. The sunsets, ocean and moving past the houses would look great in 3D as well.

I always felt that the the Sapphire and Ruby soundtrack was held back by it's system. It heavily featured brass and other classical instrument midis on a system that could only do bleeps and bloops which made the texture of the pieces muddy. It's more evident in the battle music. This orchestrated version of the rival battle sounds pretty nice doesn't it?

Of course, the games did have pieces more suited to being bleeps and bloops and I think they should stay that way. It did have some pieces that veered into the rock genre which would also be good to hear with proper electric guitar sounds. Variety is good!

I hope they can get some high quality midis that sound realistic to use if they do go with a more realistic soundtrack.

Not many people realize because of the game's graphics but Hoenn is a very beautiful setting. It features expansive ocean, sunny beaches, tropical rainforests, a spiritual mountain for the deceased, a desert, a fiery volcano, bottomless underwater trenches, ferocious raging currents and varied caves. On the 3DS it could look very good. Just as it was a graphical showcase of the GBA's abilities it can also be a showcase of the 3DS' abilities.

I'm sad to say that with the release of Black and White, Ruby and Sapphire have become completely outdated. The special/physical split, new dreamworld abilities and gen IV abilities, new movesets, the pokemon previously exclusive to the region being present in the newer games and not being able to transfer items to Gen V among other things have made Sapphire and Ruby obsolete. There is no reason to play these games besides nostalgic value or for the experience of playing through Hoenn. This is why a gen 6 remake is incredibly likely. With all the previous additions and the inclusions of whatever is in gen 6 it would be a hefty update. There would also be new evolutions of the Hoenn pokemon as well.

Most people who played Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire as kids would be in their early twenties when Gen 6 rolls around which means lots of adults with semi-disposable income being able to buy it to relive the experience. With younger kids that never had the opportunity to play Hoenn being able to.

Of course, Gen 6 won't start off with a Hoenn remake so I'm guessing there will be location based evolutions in Hoenn or other ways to make sure that it can have some exclusivity to the debuting gen 6 duo.

Also, while I'm talking about music I'll just mention that Lucanosa Town from Black and White is my favorite piece. It's the game's Azalea Town, ie., insanely catchy and feel good. It's a shame that you can only get to Lucanosa Town after you finish the main game though. It's understandable though since I don't think this music would fit any of the earlier towns in the game.

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