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New Ideas for Pokemon Abilities

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by , 11th March 2012 at 09:06 PM (1220 Views)


Makes all moves lose priority and instead move order is based on the speed stat.

I mainly thought of it because chronology would be a cool name for an ability. It would counter pokemon with the Prankster ability which would be pretty nifty. I suppose such a game changing ability would have to go on a legendary Pokemon like maybe Celebi or Dialga. It could also probably go on a weaker pokemon, maybe the great Noctowl (Bias what bias?). Care would have to be made as it would allow pokemon with roar or whirlwind to go first, making it OP in doubles or with spikes/stealth rock. Protect would also not be a guaranteed thing anymore. Quick attack and it's variants would be harder to use properly.

It could be seen as the opposite of trick room, buffing the already overused speedier pokemon, but I think that on the right pokemon it would be balanced.

In practice I doubt this ability would be noticed too much in battles. Although in some situations I suppose things would become extremely frantic.

Maybe it could be a 5 turn move like trick room? That would make it extremely situational though.

Held items are not used until after one turn.

Thinking this would be good on the derpier pokemon like slowpoke and bidoof. It would be good to use with fling without the drawbacks of the item such as the lagging tail. Choice items wouldn't take effect until a turn has passed which could be good for getting a pokemon to faint with a quick attack before the item took effect. It would also allow you to fakeout the opponent, like say, you use a Gardevoir's wish tricking the opponent into thinking you're using a support moveset and BAM choice specs psychic attack to the face. There are more possibilities too!

I don't battle competitively but I think these abilities would be pretty interesting! What do you think?

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
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    I don't like Chronology. Like you said, it could be way overpowered. Just have a Crobat continueally use Whirlwind and letting entry hazards get the enemy? That'd just be unfair, and boring.
  2. Winged Psychic's Avatar
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    It could be fixed by putting it on a pokemon that doesn't have access to those moves. Also, the opponent would be able to abuse the ability just as much as the user would be. Since most competitive teams value speed already I think it wouldn't be too hard to counter.

    In double or triple battles it could be overpowered, but if it were put on a very weak and slow pokemon I think it would work out. It would be like shedinja in that it's a very risky strategy. Also, in double battles, if the crobat was whirlwinding a pokemon the remaining pokemon could easily KO the pokemon with Chronology. If it had protect it would have to be faster than the opponent to pull it off which would be unlikely if it went against a pokemon faster than it.

    Having stronger variations of rapid spin would also prevent the strategy you described from becoming overused, and also make stealth rock less annoying.
  3. Missingno. Master's Avatar
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    Both of these do seem like interesting abilities.
  4. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    The second one seems pretty neat. You could carry a choice scarf and still Sword Dance at the same time.


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