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Brief Contradiction

My Middle Name is My First Name

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This happened a year ago but I felt like posting it now because I still can't fathom the reasoning behind it.

Let's say for example, my name was Alexander Eir Gitram. On my Medicare card (It's like a health care card), it's Eir Alexander Gitram because that was the name my mother had put on the form for my birth certificate. It's understandable, English wasn't her first language. However, what isn't understandable is what happened last year. Because my name didn't match my Medicare card it caused some troubles in getting a passport and for use as identification. One day I come home from school and my mum just nonchalantly tells me that she had gotten my name changed to match the name on the medicare card (It's like a health care card) instead of the other way around. I mean, commonsense would state that you would change my name to the name I usually went by wouldn't you? Eir is my dad's last name and now I'm suddenly expected to use it as my first name in legal situations or whenever I'm boarding a plane. It's just a very big bother that I don't want to deal with.

Anyway, that made up name was made up, but my first name really is legally Eir now.

In other news I'm thinking of migrating my blog over to wordpress. Before posting here in the blogs section for the first time I had wanted to do a blog for awhile but the lack of instant feedback made me wary. Blogs are written to be read after all. I liked how the bulbablogs had this instant feedback. I'm glad I found it because it let me vent on things when I don't usually do so which was pretty therapeutic! It would also give me more of a chance to branch out with my content and post more about things that aren't pokemon related. That isn't to say I won't post here any more of course, I'll be keeping it up! I just need to think of a good url...

Sorry if there are spelling mistakes. It's six am and I haven't gotten any sleep because I heard something scuttering in the ceiling above my bed just as I was about to fall asleep.

I also can't wait for Ziggs to be released on League of Legends! He seems like my kind of character. I don't mean to brag but I can land Heimerdinger's stun reliably 80 percent of the time so landing Ziggs' bombs should be a nice challenge!

Looking back at my old blog posts it's kind of embarrassing how lazy I've gotten with my blogging. A lot can change over three years!

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