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Brief Contradiction

Drama in Drama: The Scripted Conclusion

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The end! Wait! Not yet! I meant that this is the last part of the play. I start to go a bit crazy near the end, but can you blame me? It was 5 am in the morning!

Character descriptions in case you forgot.
Main Characters:
Jimmy Glaston the police officer and ex-jockey
Ziva Vegas the mysterious
Jackson Jones the assistant
Timothy Jones the unknown
Chloe Bookman the scientific detective
Tony Montana the crime lord

Scene 4 – The interrogation

Glaston, Jackson and Chloe face Ziva sitting at opposite ends of a table.

Glaston: So did you do it? (ominous tone)

Ziva: Yes, Of course I did.

Glaston: Don’t lie to me! You’re the type of girl to say that you’ll go out with him saying that you love him, then leave when you find out that his ambition in life is to become the best jockey in the world!

Chloe: Detective?

Glaston: Leaving him to pick up …the pieces…excuse me I have something in my eye (He grabs what he thinks is a tissue but is actually an article of clothing, he then rushes off stage while holding the clothing, dragging Chloe with her)

Chloe: DETECTIVE! Get a hold of yourself!

Jackson: Chloe!

Ziva: Are..you and this Chloe person close?

Jackson: Yes, I think so at least

Ziva: Romantically close?

Jackson: No, nothing like that.

Ziva: There must be a story, then. You two share such an interesting chemistry! Well please enlighten me!

Jackson: I wasn’t a very lucky child, a car hit me, I got bad grades, every pencil that I used had broken lead inside and my house had been put on fire. It killed the only family I had.

Ziva: I ‘m so sorry to hear that

Jackson: It wasn’t your fault, it isn’t like you were there. On the bright side, one of the friends I had made at school, Chloe had found out and convinced her father to take me in. I wasn’t really a part of the family, I kept my surname of Jones and would always refer to her father as Mr Bookman. I didn’t go to many of the functions they had, which was a bummer since they had loads of food, miles high! But I didn’t mind, as long as I can be with Chloe, together we solve crime in all kinds of situations.

Ziva: That…sounds nice…

Jackson: So..Hey why did you do it?

Ziva: You mean shoot him? I thought it was your theory that I didn’t and was covering for someone

Jackson: Yes…but it doesn’t make sense, when Mr Montana was shot Officer Glaston came Running pretty quickly. You wouldn’t have had time to hide the weapon, especially in that short time frame. Glaston should have caught you holding it. And theres another thing, we found Officer Glaston who said he had been hit on the head. This means he would have had to be hit by a another person, the real killer!

Ziva: I must admit, your smarts must run in the family. But all that proves is that someone who could be the killer could have been there. It is just one of many possibilities

(Glaston and Chloe enter back onto the stage)
Chloe: …And don’t worry, officer Glaston! There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Glaston: Suppose you’re right (Sniff)Oh Jackson! Here you are you were acting so strange before.

Jackson: I’ve been here since you left

Glaston: Oh gripes(runs off stage)

Scene 5 – Mysteries Unravelled
Glaston: Oi! You there! You’re under arrest! Stop now!

Mystery man/Timothy: AHHH (The Mystery man gets tackled to the ground. Chloe, Ziva and Jackson follow behind. Jackson and Timothy stand face to face)

Glaston: They look almost identical! They’re twins!

Chloe: Oh good heavens.

Jackson: T-timothy? Is that you?

(Timothy makes a run for it, but is held back by Glaston and Chloe)

(Chloe grabs Timothy by the colour and holds him aggressively)


Timothy: No-no I didn’t!

Chloe: Oh really? What about the piece of freshly chewed chewing gum you spat out in the bushes where you would have logically shot the victim? It contains your DNA.

Timothy: It could have been his! You crazy woman!(points at Jackson. Jackson appears to be speechless. He doesn’t know what to do or say)

Chloe: It couldn’t have been because he hates chewing gum! Besides, I was with him all day. He wouldn’t have done it. Why? Why did you decide to come out of the wood work!?

Timothy: Alright! You don’t have to keep screaming, crazy woman. I’ve been tired…of running all this time. Just arrest me…

(Silence as Glaston handcuffs Timothy)
Chloe: Now, before we hand out our brand of cold justice, out of curiosity, why did you do it. Why did you kill Tony Montana of all people?

Timothy: You want a reason…out of curiosity... Is that a human emotion that drives us? Wanting to know the road ahead, without the road that is underneath us…is that fair to call curiosity?

Glaston: I don’t know, maybe it is irrelevant. You were supposed to tell us why you did it, not babble philosophies.

Ziva: I think I understand, Tony must have done something. Tony, he was the type that made hundreds of new enemies in a week…he would have eventually gotten what was coming to him. It just so happens that you were the one that got in the shot before the other thousand could have. They say love is blind, but I was not blinded by the fact that he was a monster….

(Timothy grins)

Timothy: You hit the nail on the head…woman. I’ll humour you, if you insist…

Final Scene- Abstract Memories

(Jackson and Timothy stand shoulder to shoulder facing the audience)

Jackson: Where am I?

Timothy: This is what you would call a flashback…this was when we were a family. You don’t remember it all too well, because, your amnesia blocked out these painful memories of the fire. You should know, because that is a part of you, you probably had small niggling recollections to these events before right? I’ll clear them up for you. In this small little house was a lawyer and a detective, now that I think of it, you subconsciously followed in their footsteps didn’t you? You used to run around with Rosy, our pet dog. (Barking sound from off stage)

Jackson: I remember her. And…my father and mother

(Holding hands)

Timothy: This is when we crossed the road (Screech sound) We were hit by a car. In this car were two people, Tony and Ziva…

(Tony and Ziva enter the stage)


Timothy: Yes, you remember don’t you? On that fateful day, 12 years ago …

Ziva: Tony and I were shocked. I took out my phone to call an ambulance, I tried to open the doors…to reach you…but Tony had locked them

Tony: It was not the type of place for people like us to be. There were people on the streets, they would have helped the the kids

Ziva: That was what you said back then too…

(Ziva and Tony pretending to be in a car. Ziva looking shocked then reaching her phone and trying to get out of the car but being restrained by Tony)

Ziva: We were stopped at a police checkpoint and arrested shortly after. Tony was charged, but I wasn’t, because Tony told them that he had restrained me…

Tony: I didn’t want you to go down with me.

Timothy: We were in and out of the ICU for 4 months. I don’t know what happened in that time exactly, but my Mother had become the head detective in charge of the case against Tony and my father had become the prosecutor. I can only guess they wanted justice…or revenge.

(Timothy lets go and walks away to the back before walking back to the front of the stage, away from Jackson)

Timothy: Then it happened. On the night before the first day of the trial, our parents died.

Jackson: The fire..

Timothy: The fire was what separated us, but it was not what killed our parents. They were murdered before the fire had even been started. I still remember those vivid shadows move across the corridor as I peaked through the door crack of the door. I heard my mother and father, my father’s voice disappeared and then my mother’s and then silence. Quietly, I moved to see what had occurred, I think even as a child I knew what had happened, but, I had been driven by my childish sense of curiosity.

(Looks pained)

Then, in a flash, this hand appeared on my shoulder and that is all I remember before waking up in front of a police station 20 000 miles away. I hardly remembered who I was, I had forgotten how to speak, my mind was a blank. I was nothing. Between those two moments the fire had erased any evidence of a murder, including me as a witness.

Chloe: After that fire. Everyone thought you were dead, we couldn’t find any remains but, everything else was burnt to the ground. From what I hear, some stupidly lucky firefighter had managed to get into the crumbling house and get out right before it collapsed. After that, Jackson came to live with my family at the estate.

Glaston: That firefighter was me! (Shocked looks) I just realised it when you mentioned it, I heard a kid crying so I run into the building toward the sound, there was fire everywhere, I couldn’t see anything. Then I see this dog scrapping at this door, it looked pretty distressed, whining and barking, so I move closer to it and what do ya know, it was a kid! I hear the whole house starting to creek so I grab a heater and throw it through a window and grab the dog and the kid and jump through. Got a medal for it and everything.

Ziva: What surprises me most, is I believe him

Chloe: I agree

Timothy: At the orphanage after a year I was adopted, by non-other than Tony himself. For a while I lived the normal life as Timothy Montana. As normal as you can get when your adopted father is a crime lord of crime lords. I don’t know why he adopted me; maybe it was out of guilt or pity. Then one day, it all came back to me, I don’t know why or how but I remembered that night and the accident. When I stupidly decided to confront him about it he gave me three days. Three days to run before he called for my assassination. Usually he gives them one day; I presume I was a special case. This was how I knew, knew he had killed my parents.

Being the adopted son of a major crime lord. I was taught all the techniques on how to hide. I disappeared. I faded into the background. For a while I didn’t do much of anything. I eventually found out that you existed (Motions towards Jackson) when I saw you investigate this theft, it involved twins as well didn’t it? The newspapers were calling it the case of the Midnight Twins, Jackson, you and Chloe, you were plastered all over the newspapers. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of your circumstances, but I was happy that you weren’t starving in some gutter homeless, like I was half the time.

Of course, this was when Ziva contacted me; out of the blue she had found me.

Ziva: Who was the one that taught you all you knew? I was keeping tabs on you and helped you get out of harms way.

Timothy: You told me, you wanted me to testify at some trial. But, I knew that would never work.

Ziva: Chloe and I had been meeting each other secretly for the past months. We planned to catch him red handed on the day after Chloe and Jackson got the keys to the city. He was to be in a major crime meeting and the police would burst in, he would be linked to all his crimes with my assistance and we would be rid of someone who had been the cause of so many evils...Such as this one. That was the plan…but I discovered that he had hired a sniper, he had planned a hit on Chloe and Jackson, he must have read about it in the newspaper and joined the dots, I had to do something. Tony was the type of person to “Tie up loose ends” I called Chloe and told her to get out of there as soon as possible and discussed what to do next. I tied him up… he managed to escape, he pushed me away and…

Timothy: And I shot him. I saw him on my way to the ceremony. I couldn’t waste the chance. Ziva was in my line of sight in front of Tony, but I was still prepared to shoot. That was when he shoved you away.

Jackson: I’m sorry…Timothy. I don’t know what to say…

Timothy: Is it unnerving to look so similar to someone you hardly know? I understand, but I feel connected with you at the same time, we’re two branches growing distantly from the other, one in sunlight, and one in darkness, you and I.

Glaston: What an amazing tale…

Timothy: Officer Glaston?

Glaston: Yes?

Timothy: Whatever happened to that dog you saved from the fire that burnt down the house?

Glaston: Oh, Rosy? She lives in my apartment just down the road from here. She’s a loyal dog, she’s old, but her persistence gets her lasting long!

Timothy: Before you turn me in…can I see Rosy? I want to be at piece, with seeing the remaining family I have left…

Glaston: Chloe?

Chloe: I don’t see why not…Jackson, do you want to see Rosy too?

Jackson: Yes, I do. I’d like to catch up with you, Timothy…
(Chloe, Jackson, Glaston and Timothy, who is in hand cuffs walk off stage)

Tony: Well, that leaves just me, and you, kiddo

Ziva: I’m not your kiddo and you’re dead

Tony: I know that, but I’m alive for now right?

Ziva: No, you’re not Tony. You’ve passed on. You’re no more. Expired and gone to meet your maker’s alternative. You’re a stiff. Bereft of life. You’re resting in pieces. You’ve kicked the bucket. You’re an ex-homosapien!

Tony: Maybe you’re right, babe.

Ziva: You can leave now, it was fun while it lasted but for now I’m on the straight and narrow. I used to think I loved you, but maybe it was stupid of me to think you would change if I made you love me back.

Tony: Well, life’s a blast, then your heartbreaks
(Tony exits)

(Ziva is on stage by herself now)

Ziva: For better or worse, life moves on. Things grow and change. I’d like to think that wonderful things like love happen through miracles, at one point in time a person meets someone who they then love with all their heart. But, my love with Tony wasn’t the usual type of love. I feel like a great weight has been lifted off of me.

Hmmm what to do for the future, my schedule’s suddenly become a lot more free…I think I’ll open up a quiet little café somewhere.

(Ziva Walks off stage)

Scene 7 – The prologue

The scene opens with “We’re all in this together” playing at the café that Ziva and Chloe were in previously. Ziva is seen wiping a table, apparently going through with idea of opening up a café.

Glaston, and what appear to be people who look similar to Tony and Timothy are already sitting at the tables.
(Everyone sings along)
Chloe and Jackson enters and Ziva happily offers them seats
I woke up this morning
While Chloe and Jackson sit down, Ziva and Timothy go to the middle of the stage while everyone else is bobbing up and down in their seats
I suddenly realized
Timothy and Ziva grab each other’s hands and Timothy Spins Ziva with his arm over her head and then move back to the front opposite sides of the stage
We're all in this together

Glaston and Jackson then go to the opposite sides of the front of the stage, while bobbing when they reach the front of the stage. They start to x-hop. With two heels spread out then hoping back into the center with one foot in front of the other. The foot in front is still on its heel while the foot in the back hops with the sole of the foot.
I started smiling
'Cause you were smiling
And we're all in this together

Glaston and Jackson then hit their hearts with the arm closest to each other in a fist then points it to each other still closed, then letting it become flat while moving to the side to join Timothy and Ziva at opposite sides of the stage.
I'm made of atoms
You're made of atoms
Chloe and Tony do the jellyfish and wiggle up and down and side to side in a circle motion together.
And we're all in this together.
Chloe and Tony move to the front where everyone else is and they also crowd together.
and on the subway we feel like strangers
but we're all in this together
Everyone stands in one line along the stage facing different directions with one clenched fist in the air to show that they’re holding onto a grip, rocking back and forth in the same direction to show that they’re on public transport

When everyone leans in one direction, the one on the far left almost loses balance and the person behind grabs their shoulder and they bend forward and the person behind grabs their should etc in a domino-like effect
we're all in this
we're all in this

we're all in this together
(Everyone, just go nuts. Have fun. Sing along.)
we're all in this
we're all in this

we're all in this together
Go Nuttier)
Everyone grabs an imaginary cup from the table and clinks it in time with the sound effect.End! EVERYONE GRAB SOMEONE’S HANDS AND BOW

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