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  1. I'm Leaving

    I wouldn't say I'm going away forever, I'll still pop in occasionally to read up on discussion about the latest games or see whats happening in the anime but lately I find myself having to readjust my priorities so I probably will not be back in any regular capacity. (Although I've already been gone for like, more than a year already so it's more like I'm notifying everyone of spoiled milk that has already become a gelatinous substance.)

    I still like blogging though, but I tend to put ...
  2. Is this real life Poketch worth it?

    Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android by Pebble Technology

    Against all my good judgement I find myself wanting the Pebble watch. At the moment on Kickstarter it has several options ranging from US$115-$125 for just one watch. It's main selling point is that it can connect to an android or ios smartphone via bluetooth and can display notifications, texts (android only as iphone doesn't allow it, maybe ...

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  3. My AWESOME Ending for a Video Game Movie

    A sudden stroke of genius! In this video game movie the villain would be able to exist in every dimension simultaneously. So it would exist in 2d, 3d, across time and alternate realities etc. However, despite being extremely powerful he isn't immortal. If he dies in one reality he dies in them all.

    In the climax the protagonists would have gathered all of the game characters in existence to face off against the villain. And then, in their battle, when the villain is winning, the main ...

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  4. Animania: Ikue Ohtani is Awesome Edition

    Yesterday, I got to see the voice of Pikachu and Tony Tony Chopper! I got an autograph and managed to tell her through her translator that I had been watching her since I was 10 (Although now that I think of it it I was probably younger) and that I thought she was amazing. She asked me how old I was now and she was like whoa when I told her I was 17 and she facetiously said she was 20 and I almost fell for it but she told me that she had two kids already.

    And now to the highlights from ...

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  5. A Happy Saturday

    It's so nice to be able to just stay at home and chill sometimes. I dunno whether this is just because of my being used to being by myself, but being in a peaceful little bubble is great.

    Last weekend I went to animania for both of the days, plus, for the entire week we had stress inducing exams thrust upon us. But now it's over and I can relax for two weeks!

    I want to finish the books that I had borrowed from the library, but I think I have an issue with removing myself ...

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